When To Employ Recruitment Services

by : Thomas Pretty

Looking for a job is a stressful and tiring experience, spending days on end trawling through recruitment websites and constantly searching can often leave you disheartened and demoralised.

All this time you have friends and family criticising you for being unemployed and not having a job; the longer it goes on, the harder it seems to get back into work. The advantages of living the life of riley are there, but not many of us are millionaires and there are few of us who can afford to be out of work for an extended period of time.

When searching for a job, recruitment services can be an alternative to undertaking the laborious task of job hunting yourself. Some however see recruitment services as their personal job hunter; this however is a common misconception. When you submit to recruitment services they will not pursue a course of action that will see them search for a job day and night until you find yourself in employment. They are not your personal recruitment expert and will usually only call you when they have a job that suits your capabilities and skills.

That is how recruitment services work; they have a list of prospective employees who have filled in forms showing what kinds of jobs they would be interested in and details of the qualifications candidates possess. The second part of their business includes companies who are looking to recruit and will employ their services to find suitable candidates.

If the interests and qualifications you have coincide with the needs of the employer, you will be cross-referenced and highlighted for that specific job. Sadly, if your interests and qualifications do not match any of the jobs in the database, it is unlikely the job offers will come rolling in.

To increase your chances of success it is worth utilising as many recruitment services as possible. If you pin all your hopes on one it is unlikely you will experience any success. Looking for work is a game of probability, by joining as many recruitment services and applying for as many jobs as you can, you increase the chances of returns on applications and job offers.

Keeping your own efforts up is vital, it may seem that employing recruitment services is the easy way to find a job but it is still worth pursuing jobs and vacancies under your own steam, a lot of the time it is your own efforts that will yield the most success.

Being proactive is vital when in a job hunt, it is easy to become demoralised and then sit back and not care anymore. Especially when benefits seem an enticing way to keep you on or above the breadline.

My advice however is to be proactive, even if you only do a couple hours a day, as long as these hours are spent searching with intent, that is not a problem. You should see recruitment services as more of a complimentary effort outside of your own job hunting activities, they will not do it all for you and pursuing your own course is essential.

Getting a good idea of what you want to do is also helpful, recruitment services do not like to deal with applicants who have little idea what industry they would like to enter. The perfect candidate for an agency is someone who has experience in a certain sphere of an industry with a clear idea of the job role they are pursuing. For anyone who is trying to change their job role, or even the industry they are working in, they may find recruitment services somewhat apathetic to their goals.

The services recruitment agencies provide are extremely worthwhile, but they will only be successful for a small number of their clients. If you have an uninspired approach to job hunting and have no clue what industry or type of job you would like to enter you will be better pursuing jobs yourself. That said, as the job hunting game is all about probability, increasing your chances in any way is highly advisable.