Going from Employee to Boss Are You a Good Candidate?

by : Gerri D Smith

You can do what you want to do; your desire to do it is PROOF that you have within you the power to do it. - Wallace Wattles

When you build a business based on passion, it becomes a labor of love. Working for yourself gives you an opportunity to honor your values, your goals, your desires, as well as your family. Because you are the boss you get to call the shots. You are investing in your future.

Making the decision to go into business for yourself and remain there takes a certain mind shift. Life does not train you to be self-employed, yet, there are rules and attitudes that must be experienced before you can make the shift from employee to being your own boss. Here are seven quick and easy guideposts.

1. Create a space in your mind that is only dedicated to your business.

2. Once the decision to become your own boss is made, you must remember, you are your most important asset. So, without you there is no business to maintain.

3. Develop a positive marketing attitude, Know what you are promoting. Is it a service or a product? No matter which type, do it well. Make it the best it can be. Then continue to improve it.

4. Do not be afraid to ask for help. Just because you are in business, you are not supposed to know everything. You grow by learning, by doing, and by asking. This even includes failing. You still learn what not to do the next time.

5. Admit your mistakes. Learn from them and go on.

6. Make up your mind to be successful. Measure your success by your goals and the results of your actions. Always act as if you have already accomplished your goal.

7. Express gratitude every day - even for small successes.

In moving from employee to boss, these steps become the power to your success and may turn your business into a great, long term enterprise.

Other important steps that must be considered are your strengths and weaknesses. How clear are you on what your good points are? What do you value? Is it to give quality service to your clients? Will your product or service be the best it can be? Can you seek help when you need it? What unique abilities will you bring to your business?

What are your top three weak areas? Are you reliable? Trustworthy? Do you finish what you start?
Can you always put your clients ahead of your wish to make a profit? Good businesses continue to work on weak links as they arise. Great businesses make an effort to be better than their competition.

You become your own boss by doing what you are good at. Is your idea to start a product or service business something new? Being original is often overlooked in the marketplace today. Learn what creative ideas are being introduced in product development, research, and design, then make plans to stimulate an interest in your new idea or invention. Test the market. Do market surveys. Talk to your target audience. Then listen to your potential clients and get feedback from them.

When the majority of reactions to your new idea, product, or service are positive, a decision to go ahead becomes a choice. Use common sense, make a plan, and keep it simple and realistic. Pay attention to what needs to be done in three months, one year, three years, and ongoing. What kind of cash outlay do you need? How fast will you grow? What kind of help do you need and when do you need it? All areas must be considered.

These guideposts are only a tip of the steps needed to becoming your own boss. Learn all that you can. Pick a good team of people to work with and for you. Be grateful for your passion. And when the opportunities come, always give the best service and products to your clients or customers.

Never take your clients or customers for granted. When possible, keep two steps ahead of your competition. Only then are you as powerful as you wish to be. Are you ready to make the shift from employee to boss?