Top 10 Ways to Discover Your Passion-Filled Life\s Work

by : Leanna Fredrich

1.Practice Extreme Self-Care

The first and most important step to finding your passion-filled life's work is to take outrageously good care of yourself!  When you feel numb and the only thing that gets you excited is a good long nap, your passion could plop in your lap and you wouldn't even notice it!  So start taking excellent care of yourself now.  What are some nurturing activities you could do everyday?  Enjoy!

2.Listen to Your Body

Do you know how your body says "No?"  Many of us have been in jobs and had the unpleasant experience of  our body saying "No!"  We get sick often, have headaches, stomachaches, neck aches.  All kinds of aches and pains!  It is hard for our body to lie.  That is why lie detectors work so well.  So if you want the truth about what your passion listen to your body!  Listen for it to say "Yes!"  Watch for increased energy (fear is ok too!), excitement and joy.

3.Explore Your Passions

Passion is a feeling so notice them.  What subjects, activities, magazines or topics interest you?  Have fun with this!  Make a list of what you are passionate about and watch for themes.  Now, begin exploring your strongest passions.

4.Allow Yourself to Dream

As adults we often stop dreaming in favor of being "realistic."  The problem with this is that we loose track of what we REALLY desire.  So start dreaming wildly and with abandon.  Look at each area of your life and write down an ideal vision of what you truly want that area to be like.

5.Look for Dreams that Have been Following You

Do you have a dream that has been following you?  Have you been saying things like, "I would love to start my own business."  "Someday I will turn this hobby into a career."  Pay close attention to those "clingy" dreams.  Often finding your passion-filled work is as simple as looking behind you to see the dreams that are chasing you!

6.Expand Your Vision

Most of us have a  small, safe vision for our lives. We are terrified to reach for something greater. Are we worth it?  Can we do it?  Absolutely!  It is time to grow and expand that vision! Find out what gifts you give others.  Decide what is really important for you to accomplish. Design the life you desire and take action.  A vision comes alive only when we take action towards it!

7.Find Your Genius

All of us have strengths and talents. These are gifts we have had our whole life. We often overlook them because they come so easily to us. When we use and develop these strengths we are working on the "Genius Level." Work on your weaknesses and you will be competent.  But develop your unique gifts and you will be a genius!

8.Start Clearing Out Your Choking Beliefs

Often we are stopped from creating our desired life by "Choking Beliefs." They literally choke the life out of our dreams! These beliefs come from past experiences, our parents, teachers or friends telling us we can't or shouldn't do something. It's time to take a look at them and the price we pay for believing that way. Lose the Choking Beliefs! Choose (and review) supporting beliefs that breathe new life into your dreams!

9.Make a Plan

All the dreaming in the world will not change your life unless you take action.  When you have an idea about what your passionate work would be, start taking the first steps.  Make a plan that will help you explore that idea.  It is amazing how many doors will start opening for you when you make a plan and take action!

10.Celebrate Your Successes

This is my favorite part--celebrating!  Right from the beginning celebrate each small step on your journey to passion-filled work.  Why?  Well, first, because it is fun!  SecondArticle Search, celebrating every success helps you stay focused on your successes and keeps you motivated to move forward.