Can You Really Afford Taking A Year off Work?

by : Ck Tan

Another thing to consider is what you will do with all ofyour free time. Sometimes, the answer is simple. You might want to start yourown business or take care of a sick family member. But what do you do if youdon't have any plans? Vacationing and doing volunteer work are a great way tostay occupied when you're taking a year off work. Whatever your interests, youneed to have a course of action. Wasting away watching movie reruns is not aplan. You need to stay busy to facilitate your entrance back into theworkplace.

You will also need to retain and strengthen your skillswhile you are off work. Even if the time off is meant to facilitate a careermove, you need to maintain skills that prove that you can still hold your ownin a competitive workplace. Volunteer and freelance work can help you showemployers that you still have what it takes.

Be sure to consider what impact taking a break will have onyour career. You might lose vital connections. You may even be considered to beNOT career driven by employers when you decide to return to work. You will needto address these concerns while taking time off. Stay in touch, strengthenbusiness relationships, and be ready to pick up where you left off after youreturn from your sabbatical.

Taking a year off work can be viewed as a bonus by manyemployers. But you need to be sure that you can show how your time off was aplus to your career. For example: vacationing around the world can be a bonus.How? You can explain to employers how the trip increased your knowledge ofglobal issues and helped you perfect language skills. Not all employers willlook favorably upon your time off, but many will.