Make Money In Home Based Business

by : tvance

Okay, we told you in Part I how broke we were when we started our home based business, what hard times we had and how we took the time to figure out how to manifest. Remember manifesting means to bring forth your dreams without extensive labor.

Because we were so broke we learned how to find and communicate with a powerful asset that everyone has available but hardly anyone pays attention to it.

Roi discovered a word combination that excited a special division of the subconscious mind to start success flowing to us.

We all have has this secret partner in the subconscious whose job it is to provide us with everything our thoughts, feelings, and self talk indicate we desire.

If your thoughts and self-talk are about lack it gets you more lack. If on the other hand your thoughts are on abundance, prosperity, and expansion (without ever touching lack or scarcity) you will receive the abundance, money and etc. you desire.

Remember the mind likes to stay on the negative side of thinking. It has made a habit of complaining and finding fault in most everything.

Your number one job is to think, talk, and feel grateful for what you have. Everyone has some form of positive abundance they can use. There's good in everything!

Using that as a springboard and name the kind of abundance you can use even more of! That way you're not broadcasting a feeling of lack and your idea of good stuff will start to flow to you.

It really is that simple; it's just not taught anywhere else how it works!

If you find yourself doubting that the process can be this simple, you might want to consider learning the full prosperity system in "How To Triple Your Home Based Income - By Using Two Secret Words."

For you conspiracy buffs out there think how--leaving out that little bit of information form our schooling leads to an abundance of 9 to 5 workers. The rich gets richer! And the privileged few need office workers so their manifestations can grow bigger.

What was the next step?

And how did we get started on our small home business idea without a job or working too hard?

First, we needed bigger living quarters before we could start building our home business. The RV we were living in was just too tiny for permanent living and working at home. For traveling it's great.

We decided to manifest a mobile home in which to live and work. The word MANIFEST has everything to do with building your home business from scratch.

We used Law of Attraction principles to bring to us a perfectly good 24X65 foot doublewide mobile home, which we purchased for $1.00.

The Rules to make the Law of Attraction work for you:

1. Decide what you want.
2. Write it down on a piece of paper (and put an ad in the newspaper.)
3. Imagine what it would look like when it arrives.
4. Decide where are you going to put it when it arrives.
5. Imagine what it will feel like when you touch it.
6. Imagine how excited you will be and what your friends and family will say when they see your manifestation.
7. Start celebrating the completion even before it arrives.
8. Go into gratitude as if you already have this dream accomplished.

We did those eight steps and our silent partner worked with the Law of Attraction giving us a free mobile home. It was valued at $24,877 for tax purposes.

Next, we were almost ready to build our home based business using practically zero dollars to start.

In the last article, Part III of "How to Make Money in Home Based Business - From Rags To Riches," we'll show you three tools we used to make our dreams, and desires into a reality.

Once you see how simple this is, you, too, will be chomping at the bit to get started.