How a Live Answering Service will do Wonders for Your Website

by : Tyson J Stevenson

Running a home business can be one of the most rewarding experiences of ones life. In my case, doing so has allowed me to be my own boss, spend more time with my family, and gain real financial independence. When I look at how much my business has grown over the past few years, I am filled with an immense sense of achievement and satisfaction, which are things I never felt while working 9-5 for someone else.

Nevertheless, having my own business is not without its challenges. I quite often have to deal with problems that hardly ever crop up in larger companies. Even something seemingly as basic as making sure my customer service phone line gets answered used to be a logistical nightmare for me -- until I started using a live answering service.

Signing up with a live answering service was one of the best business decisions I ever made. By doing so, I immediately gained several real advantages over my competitors. For example, my customers can call the phone number listed on my website and reach a human operator (rather than just a recorded message) at any time of the day or night. The operator has access to a file containing basic information about my products and company policies, so he or she can answer some of the more straightforward questions that my customers have, right on the spot.

By using a live answering service, I am essentially getting extra employees that help spread the word about my company.

Another advantage of using a live answering service is that it makes my whole operation appear more professional. Many people are still wary of purchasing products from websites that don't have a nationally-recognized name because there are unfortunately a lot of sites that sell sub-par products, never follow through with shipments, or just suddenly disappear with no warning and no refund of unprocessed orders.

The first thing cautious shoppers look for on unfamiliar websites is the company's contact information. Because I use a live answering service, I can be sure that my customers will always get through to someone when they call in to place an order or ask questions.

This distinguishes my company as more legitimate and trustworthy than places that only have voicemail available, and serves to reassure first-time customers that they're dealing with professionals. This has in turn led to an increase in sales as well as to a great online reputation, which is definitely hard to come by.

Because a live answering service can do so much more for you than just take messages, choosing which company to work with is a critical decision. Most live answering services are available nationwide and have their own websites where you can check out their specific packages and prices.

Before you enter into a contract with any of these companies, be sure to read the fine print concerning the package you wish to purchase. It's very common for a live answering service to assess extra fees if you go over your allotted number of calls for the month or break any of the other terms of your contract, so it would be in your best interest to read everything thoroughly.

It takes a lot of time and energy to run a successful business, which is why it makes sense to outsource tasks whenever it is financially feasible to do so. Signing up with a live answering service is a cost-effective way to provide your customers with phone support and to make your business more reputable.

So compare some live answering services now and sign up with the company that best suits your needs.