How To Get Your Visitors Returning Back To Your Website

by : Jonathan White

There are many websites starting up in business on the Internet every day. The more websites, that get set up on the Web, the harder it becomes to get traffic to your site as every site is competing with you to get as much traffic as they can. It also becomes harder to get good rankings in the major search engines. So once you have your traffic, how can you make sure that a good percentage of the traffic returns back to your site time and time again?

Some of the things you could do to get returning visitors are shown as follows:

1. Make sure that your website gets new content displayed on it on a daily basis. This gives a reason for your visitors to return to your site.

2. Making your site very entertaining is important. This can be done by adding sticky content to your website, or a bit of humor here and there, just so that your visitor gets entertained and it is then more likely to make your visitors want to come back to your website. Although entertainment is good, it also needs to be updated on a daily basis. For example, the games at: is being updated on a daily basis. This means that at least one new game is being added every day. This gives a reason for the visitors to return to the site.

The more times your individual visitors return back to your site the more they will start to get use to it and what it has to offer. This is very good. This will mean that they will more likely get to know your brand and also your websites image. The more they visit your site the more they most probably like it and the higher the chance of them telling their friends.

3. Adding a forums or a place where people can hang out to your website is another good way of giving people a reason to come back to your site. This is one of the reasons why sites like MySpace and a lot of forums get returning visitors. This is because people like to meet other people and have a place online to hang out and chat, plus share things with new people and existing friends, plus they also like to learn new things.

4. Making your site so people can easily navigate it is very important. If your visitors can easily find things on your site then they are more likely to return, as people don't want to be searching for something on the Web for hours. They want to go to a site and find what they are looking for in a few seconds. The quicker they can find something on your site the better.

5. The speed that your site loads up to the visitor is very important. Visitors are on the move all the time and don't want to wait for a site to load up if it takes rather long. So the quicker you can make your sites pages load up, the more chance your visitor will stay on your site and also return.

6. When designing your website, it is best to spend more time designing your websites homepage to what it is with the other pages of your site. This is because your homepage is where a lot of your visitors normally visit and is considered the most important page of a website.

7. Giving your Website a good name is very important. If you give your site a name that has nothing to do with your sites topic or is to long to remember, then there is less of a chance that your site will get passed on through word of mouth and also, it will be harder for people to remember your sites web address and will then result in less returning visitors to your website.

8. Giving away freebies is not important, but can actually bring returning visitors to your site. For example, if you offer game competitions on your website where your visitors can win prizes, for playing your games, where they then compete with other players, then there is more of a chance that a visitor will play your games, than what they would with other gaming sites where they don't offer prizes to their visitors.