The Key To More Client Referrals (How To Become More Referable)

by : mybluedog

How do you become more referable? What makes other people talk about you and your business? What is the spark that fuels this referral fire from others in a consistent manner? And how do you create a steady referral system for yourself?

I answer these questions in great detail in my new book and it's critical for you to understand.

So let me take a few moments right now and delve into one concept related to referral marketing. It's the essence of the fuel that spreads the referral 'word-of-mouth virus.' The answer to growing your referral base largely lies in this: Having others experience your work.

Let me explain.

The concept of "experience" in business generally refers to know-how or procedural knowledge. Philosophers dub knowledge based on experience. But within this concept is powerful leverage you can use to increase your client or customer referrals. True, a person, like a realtor, for example... or even a stockbroker, insurance agent, attorney, et cetera, with considerable experience is often called an expert.

But that's not the type of experience I'm talking about.

I'm speaking about the word "experience" in the first-person sense, as in:

1. Someone able to recount advice, assistant or action they witnessed from you.
2. Someone who participated and can recall part or all of your work.
3. Someone who had a "had to be there" encounter.
4. Someone who was given especially valuable and privileged direction for you.

Experiences, as in... your work.

Sociologists tell us there are in essence three types of experiences each person has. It is important to understand each, and how it relates to referrals. These are:

1. First-hand - immediacy, events witnessed
2. Second-hand - secondary recounts, contains multiple points of view.
3. Third-hand - rumors, hearsay, likely unreliable.

As you move down the proverbial experience 'food-chain', the first hand interaction a prospect or client has with you lessens. So does their ability to adequately recognize your work and recall it via word of mouth referrals. This impacts your ability to generate top-of-mind with prospects or clients, and impacts your ability to generate consistent referrals.

One of the most important things you can do in your business is to create opportunities for others to experience what you do every day.

And you can do so WITHOUT them first hiring you. I say again... they do not have to be a client to experience what you do.

Here are three (3) ideas for you to consider in your practice. Let's assume you are a realtor or financial service professional.

1. Request previous findings from insurance agents that work with your clients.

At the very least, this will require them to review his/her client file. This may allow you needed insight into trends and issues affecting your own client.

2. Submit your own strategies/recommendations as a courtesy.

Investment or insurance recommendations, quarterly commentaries, changes in interest rate -- these are all good communication methods.

3. Display your recent work and ask for critique and feedback.

It takes a true professional to ask for feedback and be willing to accept another person's comments. Profile 2 to 3 recent recommendations (financial plan, asset allocation, insurance recommendation, etc.). Present these "profiles" in writing
and ask for feedback.

Remember: Someone has to take the first step. Let it be you.