Using Your Web Stats To Sell

by : Aviva

After you have a website for a while, you start to learn a lot of tips and tricks for doing business on the web. One of the best marketing tools you have is right there on your server and you'd be amazed at how many people don't use it. That tool is your website statistics. If you've never examined your web stats before you're missing out on a real gold mine of information. They are usually found in the control panel section of your web hosting company. Most web hosts will email them to you if you can't access them yourself.

Learn Important Pages Viewed Information
You are most likely familiar with your "hits" on your web stats for finding out how many people have visited your website. Most stats programs will not only tell you how many visitors you have had to your site, but what pages on your website they visited, how long they stayed on a particular page and what page they last viewed on your website before they surfed on.

Valuable Keywords and SEO
If you're interested in search engine optimization for your website and you aren't sure what keywords to use for your site; there is usually a section in your web stats file that shows you what keywords a person entered to find your site and what search engine they used. You can put those keywords around your website on various relevant pages to increase the search engine optimization of your site. That won't catapult your website to the number one position on Google overnight but it will increase your rankings if done correctly.

The Magic of Referrers
Another great feature is the referrer section. Know what sites or search engines are referring your website visitors. Referrals can come from other websites, news groups, clubs and forums or even competitors – if people are being referred to your website, find out by who. In many cases, someone that had a great experience with your firm will be referring your company to someone on a message board that is looking for a similar product or service.

Use Your Web Stats
If you notice people are leaving within a few seconds of hitting your index page. Look at it in a few different browsers because they are not all created equally. What loads like a champ in Internet Explorer may look like garbage in Firefox or Opera browsers; or it simply may take too long to load. If you notice people are leaving at a point in your shopping cart – either your shipping is too high or your program may be faulty. Find out what items are getting the most looks and promote those to bring in more visitors.

Now that you know how your web stats can work for you, jump start your Internet business today.