How to Use Web Dial Feature to Attract Customer?

by : chandrajeet

Web Dial feature is a unique feature offered by very few toll-fee number service providers. This feature facilitates the visitor on your website to call you up and leave a message for you to contact them when it is convenient for them.

You can use this feature tremendously to boost your business and lure your customers. Web dial feature enables you to catch your visitors when they are visiting your website or web page. It used voice over IP technology to dial calls even internationally. A toll free service providers offer this feature with their toll free number in their basic or higher packages. You need to insert a small code which puts the web dial utility on the web page. This utility enables your visitor to call you and leave a message for you.

Web dial feature offered along with your toll free number allows your customer to save on call charges. They can call you for free and its acts as a calling a toll free number. You can tell your customers that now they can be in touch with you with your website as well. This means never losing a customer even when he is visiting your website.

Since web dial feature used VoIP technology that enables calling toll-free numbers internationally as well, it means that your customer in any foreign land can also call your toll free. This enables wider approach to your customers and catching them when they are ready to talk you.

The web dial feature also enables the customer to leave a message for you even when your customer care office executives are not in office. This feature is especially important for international callers who can experience time difference problems. They can leave message on your answering machine or voice mail box with a message to reach them at their convenient time. This means that you service your customers at their convenience. It further means more business for your and a greater customer satisfaction.

Ask for your toll free number service provider for their web dial services and its features. It can help you save lot money as your customers as well as executives can call you via your webpage. Web dial features means servicing customer to their convenience and never having to worry about huge phone bills.

Web dial feature is beneficial for those who own small companies and expand their off shore business. This feature enables small entrepreneurs to service their customers as per their requirement and enables them to project their company in a more professional manner.