Find People on the Web, Decide if an Amends Can be Made

by : Kevin Browne

It's now easier than ever to find people on the web. A click of a mouse, a tap of an enter key and the list of people whose lives have crossed yours comes up in nanoseconds.

Good and bad news. Mostly good.

The fact is that some of the people in our past have been hurt by things we have done. Worse still is the probability that WE DON'T KNOW HOW BADLY WE HURT THEM.

Naturally this should be the minority of the expanse of our past, but there are those out there who hurt because we zigged when we should have zagged. Someone from an office argument, someone from the bowling team who may have overheard an errant comment. A cousin who was not put onto the invite list or who was an had to sit at the smaller "kiddie" table.

These things may not seem to warrant being put into the immediate "To Do" list, but guess what, they should.

The majority of the better 12 step programs emphasize the need for the individual to revisit those people that may have been hurt by certain actions. Amends are then recommended. For only through an amends can acceptance be found.

To find people on the web who just might, and I emphasize MIGHT need for us to make things better (if not right, is the right thing to do. It makes us feel better to feel that weight lifted. And guess what, it's infectious!

Once done right, it becomes something to strive for!

Think of the person who you've found for a moment. Imagine him or her being contacted asked if a wrong can be righted. If a harm can be healed. Imagine the look on their faces if out of the blue we asked if we could make their lives a hair better!

That is a wonderful way to approach life in general. It is a spiritual (not religious) way of life.

My strongest recommendation (because it is now something I do regularly) is to find people on the web and decide if YOUR life would be better if a clean slate were to be created.

By the way, if you're interested, and you'd love to do it all for NOTHING, there's a new way for that to happen too!

Life. It just keeps getting better, huh???