Launch Your Career with Social Networking

by : Carlos Scarpero

Social networking sites were created as a means for people to make new friends and connect with existing friends but the phenomenon has turned into so much more. Some have found they could launch their careers through social networking sites. Many net saavy job seekers have discovered that using social networking has replaced the "good ol boy" network for job hunting.

Your social networking profile should be designed to catch the attention of those in your chosen industry. For example, an individual seeking a career in the profession of library science may have outrageous interests and hobbies but designing a profile to reflect these hobbies may detract from those who might otherwise consider the education and past work experiences of the individual. Similarly someone who wants to break into the fashion industry should strive to create a social networking profile which is trendy and edgy as opposed to mundane.

Increase Your Circle of Friends

Those who use social networking just to make friends can also benefit from designing a profile that really promotes themselves. This design should not only promote the owner of the profile but should also be tailored to suit the tastes of the type of friends the individual would like to make. For example a diehard Yankee fan might want to incorporate a Yankee themed background to the profile and include a song such as I Love New York. This will make the profile, and the individual, more desirable to those who share their interests.

How To Meet Business Contacts With Social Networking

Social networking community sites provide members with a wealth of networking opportunities. Although these opportunities exist, it takes a savvy user to not only find others with whom they would like to network but also convince these users to join in the networking opportunity.

The best way to find contacts that have similar interests as you is through the search feature that most social networking websites offer. You can find old college buddies, high school classmates and old co-workers easily when using the search feature properly. Find as many people that you can with similar interests and add them to your friends list. You will be amazed at how fast your list will grow. Soon, people will be contacting you instead of you contacting them and you will have fast growing list.

Bottom line, from job hunting to selling your product online, social networking is here to stay.