Virtual Networking Keeps You Connected

by : Suzanne Holman

"Yikes! There's no way I can make it to that networking meeting that I used to attend!
Now I have just too many tasks and people needing my attention."

Does that sound like you, facing the dilemma of how to stay connected when your usual routine is interrupted by family challenges?

When family challenges make it necessary to alter your schedule drastically, it's important for you to have an alternative plan to keep your business growing and thriving. You may even be working at a location away from your usual office while handling family responsibilities in another city.

With the vast amount of opportunities on the Internet, you are able to find alternative ways of staying connected and finding new customers. In this article you'll learn three effective and efficient ways of keeping in touch.

Joining Virtual Networking Groups

There are a number of networking groups online. A few examples are RYZE, Linked-In, Virtual Womens Chamber of Commerce, and E-Women Network.
YouTube and MySpace are two sites that are becoming more and more credible in the business world.

YouTube is actually being used by speakers to promote their programs. In many cases this has replaced the typical demonstration video formerly distributed as a way of giving a taste of what they will experience from the speaker. Videos on UTube are also being used as part of a resume for applying for jobs. When you are not able to meet with prospective clients in person during a crisis period, YouTube is a way that they can experience you and how you work with clients.

Many entrepreneurs have created pages on MySpace to promote their businesses and to make networking connections.

Writing and Submitting Articles

My guess is that you have talks that you have given that would lend themselves to great articles. Just get these down on paper. You could even have a transcriptionist do this for you so that you can read it over and do any necessary editing.

You can then distribute these to article submission sites on the web that will then send them to various online publications. Or submit them to individual publications either online or in hard copy that are relevant to your business. Naturally, at the end of every article, you will have your contact information and an enticing offer for them to either call you or visit your website.

Sending Out An Online Newsletter

An online newsletter is a cost-effective way to keep in contact with current clients, prospective clients, and networking partners. If you have clients or prospects who have not signed up for your online newsletter, it is necessary to send them either a sample issue or an email inviting them to be part of your reading audience. Otherwise you will be violating SPAM laws.

Make good use of the article you wrote and sent to submission sites. Use it in your newsletter to give your readers some quality content every time they hear from you.

To make it a simple process for sending out the newsletter to your database, sign up for a service such as Constant Contact. This service has attractive templates, statistics as to how many emails were opened or blocked, and an easy way for web visitors to sign up or opt out of the newsletter.