Triple Your Savings and Convenience with Comcast

by : David Johnson

Comcast has always been the leader in TV programming and they have a long standing record for service and reliability that stretches back for decades. Now they have brought their well recognized reputation with them as they have entered the telephone and high speed internet market as well. Now you have the option of reaping greater savings and convenience with your home telecommunications services by having one service provider bring them all to you at far lower rates than you have ever experienced before.It’s called bundled services and when you receive all of them from Comcast you get better rates and all of your services are combined on easy to understand bill each month that has one simple fee that you pay. Due to a recent total upgrade to their entire service network infrastructure Comcast now has more than ever to offer their family of TV viewers. To start with they now bring you a total of two-hundred and seventy-five channels of programming in their wide choice of affordable programming packages.Only cable is able to deliver you on demand pay per view and on demand means that you get to watch your movie right when you order it, unlike other programming service providers that will have you wait hours to see your movie. Also, a direct cable connection means complete reliability in a signal that will always be there for you every time you turn on your TV set. Comcast’s new phone service is entirely digital and state of the art technology means greater savings for you the customer. Every Comcast phone service customer gets free nationwide long distance calling anywhere in the U.S., including Canada and Alaska and that’s day or night, seven days a week. All of your phones calling convenience features are free of charge also and there are twelve of them in total. They include caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding and voice mail just to name a few of the free services that you get from Comcast. Because it’s a digital phone service all of your calls go through with out a hitch and reception is always crystal clear.Comcast’s new broadband high speed cable internet service is entirely state of the art and with it you can do so much more on the internet. It’s seven times faster than DSL and a full one hundred times faster than standard dial up service. If you are using a standard dial up service then you may have gotten used to waiting for anything to happen when you are online. You click to a website or point of interest and then sit and twiddle your thumbs until it comes up. With broadband high speed cable internet service from Comcast there is no waiting, because everything happens almost instantly.Even data rich downloads such as music and videos happen in only moments with the new speed you will have at your fingertips. Whizzing through the internet at this new break neck speed you are bound to run across a virus or two, but not to worry with Comcast, because they provide every customer with free lifetime McAfee anti virus software that comes with free lifetime upgrades. They also provide Free State of the art firewall protection as wellScience Articles, to protect your personal information in your computer. Also with Comcast you only have one toll free customer service number to field any questions or problems you may have instead of three.?