Comcast: Brand New Bundled Service Plan

by : David Johnson

Things just keep getting better and better for Comcast customers and it doesn’t look like things are going to change soon. This is because Comcast now has you covered with discount pricing on all of your homes internet, phone and TV entertainment needs. It’s also now all the latest digital technology, so not only is the pricing better but the services are also the best you can get.Comcast now has digital flat rate phone service that is so cheap that most of the features and services that you are used to paying for are now free from Comcast. You’ll like their free long distance calling anywhere in the U.S. and Canada including Alaska any time day or night seven days a week. You’ll also like the fact that while other phone service providers quibble with you over their phone convenience features such as voice mail and caller ID Comcast give you all twelve of them free of charge.You’ll also like knowing just exactly what your phone bill each month and at Comcast there are never any phone bill surprises. In fact you never really do get a phone bill if you sign up for multiple services, because all of it is taken care of on one easy to understand monthly bill that only has one simple fee on it, so this is your golden opportunity to say good-bye to phone bills forever.Comcast now also offers state of the art technology in their broadband high speed cable service. If you are still using standard dial up internet service, than you have to ask yourself why when this newer form of internet service will open so many doors for you on the net. If you love music, but miss all of the music that you used to love to listen to, it’s all waiting for you on the internet. With Comcast broadband high speed cable internet service you can hop from music video to music video with the click of your mouse and it’s just that quick and easy.If you have always wanted to try your hand at those group competition online video games then high speed cable is the only way to go, because satellite high speed has a slight lag time that comes with it that means that your competition is always going to be faster on the draw. With satellite high speed the signal has to travel to and then from the satellite before it is registered in the game. It’s not much, because it travels at the speed of light but it’s just enough to leave you wearing your azzhole for a hatband in the lightning fast competition of online competition video games.Comcast will always be the leading provider of TV programming and they now have two-hundred and seventy-five channels in their entertainment arsenal. There is a lot of wiz-bang technology out there in the TV programming industry now and if you want your programming broadcasted to you from Jupiter you probably could get it from there now. What really matters though in TV entertainment is having the most channels possible in digital format arranged in reasonably priced programming packages with plenty of options to pick and choose from. Comcast has all that and more now such as your choice of two on demand pay per view services including? their Premium on demand pay per view that brings you the most recent new releases to select from.??