Comcastâs Bundled Services: Savings & Convenience

by : David Johnson

If you have finally gotten fed up with the rising costs of your homes telecommunication services, now there is a place you can turn to, to get relief. Comcast is now a volume dealer in all three of your homes telecom services and because they are, they also now are in a position to offer you far greater savings and convenience than you are receiving now from your current service providers. It’s called bundled services and with this new system from Comcast you only receive one bill each month that covers all of the services that you are receiving. It’s just a far more convenient and cost effective way of doing things and only Comcast has true bundled services, because they provide all of the services that they offer. To start with their new flat rate digital phone system comes with free nationwide long distance calling and that’s through Canada and into Alaska any time, day or night, all week long. There are no charges for your phones convenience features with Comcast, because you receive all three of them free of charge also. These are all of the things that have ran up your phone bills in the past, so its easy to see how quickly you will rack up great savings with this new phone system. Comcast is still the leader in TV programming and they have recently increased their channel number to two-hundred and seventy five, which is the most channels you will find anywhere. They also have a wide choice of music channels that come free in their well blended programming packages.With Comcast it takes only moments to make your cable connection and there is no need for any complex receiving equipment to be mounted on your home. Comcast also has a wide choice of high definition programming channels and if you haven’t experienced this new format of TV programming that is six times as precise as standard format programming then you will be surprised at the difference it will make in everything that you watch. All of Comcast’s programming is now broadcast in digital format, so your picture and sound is always crystal clear.If you are currently using a standard dial up service for your internet provider then you are using the slowest form of internet service that is available. Comcast’s new broadband high speed cable internet service is truly state of the art and it is a full one-hundred times faster than standard dial up service and six times faster than DSL. Everything you do on the net with this new form of internet service will happen that much quicker and the internet will be a so much bigger place to use. If you like to shop online then you can quickly click from one website to the next, comparison shopping, because websites pop onto your screen instantly when you click your mouse. With a quicker and broader access to the internet comes a higher risk of encountering viruses and that’s why Comcast provides all of their customers with the latest McAfee anti virus software free of charge and it also comes with free lifetime upgrades.