Good deals on Comcastâs Bundled Services

by : David Johnson

Now you have the option of receiving all of your homes telecommunications services from one service provider with Comcast’s bundled services plan. How does it work and will it produce actual saving for you the consumer? After a close examination it was found that there was merit to Comcast’s claims and we didn’t have to look far to find them. To start with their brand new state of the art digital phone service completely eliminates phone bill surprises by using a flat rate billing system. With this plan you receive free unlimited nationwide long distance calling anywhere in the U.S, including Canada and Alaska. There is also no charge for all of your standard calling convenience features as well and there are twelve of them in total, including voice mail, caller ID and call waiting, just to name a few of them. These are all of the things that have ran up your phone bills in the past and with these charges eliminated, you will know exactly what your bill will be at the end of each month. The reception is fantastic with Comcast’s new digital phone system and all of your calls will also go through without a hitch.For your internet service Comcast now has broadband high speed internet service and it too is state of the art technologically speaking. If you are currently using a standard dial up provider for your internet service, than you will be surprised at what the new speed can do for you on the internet. It’s a full one hundred times faster then dial up, so websites instantly pop right up with a click of your mouse and all of the little waits that you have grown used to with dial up service are completely eliminated.You don’t even have to wait to log on, because with Comcast cable high speed you are always logged on the internet. Comcast takes care of your worries about viruses also, because every service customer is provided with free lifetime McAfee anti virus protection software with free lifetime upgrades. They also have the latest firewall protection free of charge so your personal information on your computer is always secure with Comcast. Comcast is still a leading provider of TV programming and they now have even more channels for you to select from in their wide choice of well blended programming packages. Their channel total now stands at two-hundred and seventy-five, which is probably the most channels you will find with any service provider. Because Comcast is a cable service provider they have on demand pay per view and in fact they have added another pay per view option for their family of viewers. One is their standard on demand pay per view service, while their new option is called Premiums On Demand. Comcast also has a wide choice of high definition programming channels in their repertoire, with plans to add even more in the near future. With their new bundled service plan you receive only one bill each month from Comcast and it covers all of your services with one feeFree Articles, for complete simplicity.