Comcast: Get Three Services on One Bill

by : David Johnson

Not only will Comcast’s new bundled service plan make your bill paying so much easier but it will also save you money while bringing you higher quality services. It’s the technology of the future here for you today and the advanced technology that Comcast employs means they have greater efficiency and savings that they can pass on to you.Comcast is still the leader in TV programming with two-hundred and seventy-five channels of TV programming for you to surf through. If you have been out comparing channel numbers then you know that this number is probably the highest channel number in the business. Comcast also has a broad range of programming packages for you to select from and their budget entry level package is the least expensive entry level package that you will find anywhere.Comcast also has a sizable number of high definition programming channels and their high definition package is very affordable also. Comcast has the latest technology in digital phone service that they offer their customers that is loaded with savings and convenience. With Comcast phone service you no longer have to wonder what your phone bill is going to be each month, because it’s a flat rate phone service.The way it works is that you pay one flat rate and get all of your feature and service options free of charge including free nationwide long distance calling in the U.S. and Canada, including Alaska. This is completely unlimited, so you can talk as long as you want to, any time day or night, seven days a week.There is more than that, because you also get all of your common phone convenience features for free also. This includes call waiting, voice mail and caller ID just to name a few of them. Because it’s an entirely digital system, all your calls go through without a hitch and the reception is crystal clear on both ends of the line.Phone technology is advancing in leaps and bounds and Comcast is at the forefront of phone service providers that are adapting these new technologies into their infrastructure, so you can always count on state of the art phone service from Comcast now and into the future.Broadband high speed cable internet service is the latest in high tech internet service and Comcast is now providing it for their customers. High speed cable internet service to standard dial up, is what a Corvette is to a golf cart and you wont believe the difference it will make in the way you use the internet.Broadband cable high speed service is a full one hundred times faster than standard dial up so everything that you do on the internet happens that much faster. Also there is no dial up waiting time with broadband cable high speed service, because you are always logged on with Comcast. Music and video downloads happen almost instantaneously and you can access so much more of the internet with broadband high speed.For fast action group competition video games there is just no substitute for cable high speed, because satellite high speed has a slight lag time caused by the signal traveling to and from the satellite before it is registered in the game. Comcast broadband high speed service also comes with free McAfee anti virus protection software and free upgrades in it for life. The great thing about all of these services that Comcast offers is that they all come on one bill that has one simple to understand fee that you pay each month.