Comcast Offering Customers New Services

by : Julia Hall

For many years now, Comcast has been the country's leading provider of cable television. Now, because of the possibilities opened up by modern technology, Comcast in is also offering other services such as high speed Internet and digital voice telephone service. There is now no need to look any further than Comcast in when you are looking for a company to provide you with your home telecommunications services.

Though Comcast Cable in has been putting a lot of energy into offering customers new services such as high speed Internet and digital voice service, the company's cable television service is still of the highest quality. Thanks to new technologies, the cable TV service is actually better than it has been ever before with more choices and more options. The quality of the cable TV service is most evident in its programming packages. All programming packages come with digital receivers, dozens of digital music channels, all local channels, and access to On Demand programming. Most packages also have over 200 channels, with the Digital Classic package containing over 200 and the On Demand Silver, Gold, and Platinum Plus packages containing up to 275. Premium movie channels are also included with the Silver, Gold, and Platinum packages, with the Platinum package containing all 6 premiums.

Along with the great programming choices, Comcast's cable TV service makes sure that you get only the highest quality programming by offering everything in digital format. Digital television is of much higher quality than the alternative, with sharper pictures and better sound. It also has allowed the company to include an on-screen program guide, parental controls, and other interactive features with every package. Best of all, digital television has also enabled the advance of On Demand programming. On Demand is a new way of watching television that makes it possible for you to determine when and how you want to watch. You get to choose your movie from a selection list and then start watching when it is convenient. You also get the flexibility to rewind and replay, or even to stop and start watching again later. Overall, On Demand is an extremely exciting possibility for all customers.

Comcast also has extremely exciting broadband Internet service in . Whether you have been using dial up or DSL, you will find that this high speed Internet service is faster an easier to use. With download times that are at least 70 times as fast as dial up and over 6 times as fast as DSL, this Internet service is a much better way of getting online than other possibilities. With the proliferation of everything from online entertainment to online classes, having fast and reliable access to the Internet is extremely important. This broadband service makes it possible for you to do everything from stream video to download huge PDF files without having to wait long times to get it done. Broadband Internet also is always on and ready to go. This eliminates the need to dial in or to keep your phone line busy while you are online. Com cast in even throws in a free high speed modem, wireless router, and virus protection software, to make getting online as easy as possible.

With the excellent quality of Com cast's high speed Internet and cable TV service, plus the fact that Comcast offers some of the most affordable and highest quality telephone service, Comcast is a great choice for your home telecommunications services needs. And, if you want the most savings and most convenience, just choose the Triple Play option and get your cable TV, high speed Internet, and digital voice needs taken care of with just one company and one monthly bill!