Cheap Prepaid Calling Card - Making The Work For You

by : Melissa Wayan

So most prepaid calling cards are cheap prepaid calling cards. I mean when you think about it, the calling cards really are significantly cheaper than the cost of calling from a landline. My parents pay around 20 cents a minute to call me and I have found calling cards from the United States to Venezuela for a low at 3 cents a minute. I found most of these online. Of course this is not surprising since you are able to find most things you need these days online.

So anyway; if you go online and search under calling cards or cheap prepaid calling cards, or anything remotely resembling these terms you will find a large list of companies devoted to finding you the cheapest prepaid calling cards possible. Many of these sites will let you order the cards online and will even let you refill the card you have, on the same website; saving you the aggravation and charge of buying another card.

So maybe I am just lazy. This seems like an amazingly simple thing to do yet my parents, my best friend, and I still communicate using traditional landlines. I am sure my best friend's husband has to have pitched a fit over her phone bills. Still no one looks for any other option. Maybe we are all just lazy, but I feel like there are definitely better options out there.

For some reason my parents have not investigated this service. It would seem as though it is a good resource. However my parents and most of my friends in the United States still all using conventional landline. Why is this? I mean they are all smart people, they have to know that there is a cheaper way to call me; but yet the all use their landlines.

For some reason I think they may see cheap prepaid calling cards as being unreliable. Where I live, anything that is cheap and gets you around conventional channels is suspect. Maybe this is the problem, though I don't think it is a true observation.