Prepaid Versus Postpaid International Calling Cards

by : Vanessa Arellano Doctor

Maintaining an open line of communication with other people is an important aspect in any person's life. It allows people to keep in touch with others, whether it is for business or for personal reasons. One way of being able to do this is by using international calling cards, which can be either prepaid or postpaid.

Calling cards, in general, allows a person to make long distance calls, whether domestic or international, without having to pay for a whole lot on your long distance phone bill since you do not have to pay monthly. Instead, you only pay for the calling time that you consume as you make the calls. This prepaid method is considered as cheaper than long distance providers, or even your local phone company.

A lot of people believe that prepaid international calling cards are better since it charges you with per-call or per-minute rates, which is actually a whole lot cheaper, compared to postpaid international calling cards. Prepaid calling cards are already loaded with a particular monetary value with an equivalent number of minutes of talk time which you can use to call people at any place. This puts the customer in control of his or her phone expenses.

Another thing that makes prepaid calling cards more appealing to people is the fact that people can still make calls from phones that are not international calling enabled, which means that you can still talk to your friends or family, or business partners who are halfway around the world, without having to sign any agreements and wait for any phone bills using any phone that is accessible to you. You can call from your home, or your friend's house, or even from your office.

Prepaid calling cards are also accessible since there are a lot of places that you can buy them from, like convenience stores, through your phone company, or even online. Prepaid calling cards also allow people to meet their particular needs with their assortment of products, such as cards with very cheap rates, or those that have the most number of minutes for calls, or even those that do not require any connection fees.

Although prepaid calling cards have its perks, it does have its downsides. One major disadvantage of prepaid calling cards is that it allows people to remain anonymous, a feature which most criminals use to their advantage. This is possible since it is difficult for companies who supply the calling cards to get information about their customers, which allows people to remain anonymous when using them.

Postpaid calling cards, on the other hand, allow the phone card companies to get information about their customers, making them a whole lot easier to keep track of. Aside from this, postpaid calling cards also considered to be more convenient since you do not need to keep on buying new cards to reload your phone just so you can make a call. You will always have the convenience of being able to make the call anywhere at anytime. Postpaid calling cards also allow the customer to access the internet without having to worry about the costly hotel telephone rates.

However, postpaid calling cards will charge you with a fixed rate even if you are not able to consume all of your minutes for the given duration of time.

Whatever international calling card you decide to use, just make sure that it fits your needs as a customer in order to get the most of your international calling card.

Vanessa Arellano Doctor