10 Fun Things You Can Do With Broadband

by : Miguel Poza

So you've decidied to get yourself a cool broadband connection and are wondering what fun things you can do with it now that you are about to consign your dusty old dial up connection into the dustbin of history….here are my top ten suggestions which are not in any particular order of merit:

1. Play cool games online against other people in real time on gaming websites. Hey you be warned…apparently you can get addicted to this! Battling it out against other players from across the world in real time will keep you amused for ages.

2. Watch streaming music videos at much better quality and with greater ease than you could before, and while we are on the subject, a great place to watch music videos for free is Yahoo Music at http://uk.launch.yahoo.com You can even create your own video channel based on your favorite bands and singers!

3. Download music and listen to streaming tunes at lightning speed compared to your old diap up tortoise! 4. Watch movie trailers at maximum quality to help you decide which films you would like to see at the cinema or on dvd and which ones you would rather sandpaper your toenails than go see!

5. Watch live webcasts, internet tv and short films online.

6. Listen to a choice of hundreds of streamimg radio stations for free whilst you surf the web.

7. If you are feeling nosey, you can now easily watch thousands of webcams set up around the world, so you can see whats going on in London England or Sydney Australia.

8. Watch the latest, greatest sporting action, sports news and more online at http://www.eurosport.com

9. Become a member of Second Life which is a huge 3d chat network and online game all at the same time. They have over 122,000 members and you can make friends, chat online, build your own 3d dream house on your own virtual land and even start a business such as a virtual nightclub or shop! Second Life even has its own currency which can be converted to and from real money! They say some people spend all day on this site…wow. Why not check it out at http://www.secondlife.com

10. Download software, games and other cool stuff so quickly, you will be wondering how you managed without broadband connection all this time…