Why Choose Broadband Ireland?

by : Amelie Mag

The development of the internet has lead to different types of connections. But for the average person it is difficult to understand, let alone choose the services they want. The question is what kind of services do you want and what are the benefits of them? Dial up services, broadband and fiber optics are just some of the many options you have for an internet connection.

Anyone who is interested in an internet Ireland connection, the first and most important thing they are interested in is speed. Download speed, upload speed, whatever. Your internet Ireland connection must be fast and reliable. People who are beginning to surf the internet are not very informed about the options they have and they usually have a dial up connection that they use to surf.

Dial up connections are an option for the early starters, but not necessarily the best. Using a dial up connection is not reliable, you can get disconnected anytime, something which happens often, and the download speeds are extremely low. It is something that can help you visit a website or two, but when it comes to downloading something, you can be stuck for hours in front of your computer just to get a 3 MB file.

If you already have a dial up connection, there is something better you can choose. People can go for a broadband Ireland connection. You may wonder why you should switch to this type of internet Ireland connection. There are lots of reasons to do this and in this article some of them will be presented.

As it was pointed out before, speed is one of the major concerns involved with the internet Ireland connection. Using a dial up modem to connect to the internet, the maximum speed it can reach is 56k. This is the top limit. On the other hand, a broadband Ireland connection allows internet surfer to experience speeds of 512k, some even go up to 8MB.

You look at these numbers and you realize that broadband Ireland is better, but do you know what they mean? I mentioned earlier a 3MB file. This is the measurement unit for computer files. An average 3 minute song has about 3 or 4 MB. Downloading a song this size takes about 10 to 15 minutes with a dial up connection. Using a broadband Ireland connection of 1MB allows you to diminish the time to a matter of seconds. And using a 6MB connection, the download will be almost instantaneous.

Another benefit you have with a broadband Ireland connection is the duration of it. It is permanent. That means that as soon as you turn on your computer, the access to the internet is available. This gives you the chance to eliminate the lost minutes while you are waiting for the dial up connection to be ready. Every website, news and gossip will be there for the taking.

A broadband Ireland connection also gives you the chance to connect other computers to the link as well. You have the opportunity to invite friends over and do different things at the same time. And a bonus for all of that, the phone line will be always available, unlike the dial up connection, which used your phone to log onto the internet.

Another relevant subject we must talk about is the cost. With a dial up connection, you are charged by the minute, just like you would be on the phone talking to someone. This can reach a significant amount of money, if the user forgets to turn of his of her computer. The advantage of the broadband connection is that it offers you better services for a flat rate. You will pay the same amount of money even if you stay connected non stop.