Teen Community, a Second Home Online

by : Sushil Kumar Singh Raghav

A teen wants to explore various issues related to teenagers such as friends and family, dating and relationship, teen sexuality, teen celebrity, fashion, food and health, teen health, sports and education, debates, advice and other related topics, and all of these are found in a teen community. If a teenager cannot get information from his parents for obvious reasons, he can always go to the teen community.
A teen community allows a teenager to enjoy a safe, fun life experiences with other teens all over the world. Thanks to advance technology, it is now possible for a teenager to interact with his peers, others he know but most he only sees in pictures and videos. If distance has barred teenagers from knowing other teens and relate to them their dreams, thanks to the teen community, teenagers now has unlimited resources to know the lives of other teenagers from various lands and cultures.
A teen community can be accessed online. What a teenager does is visit the site, register, fill in the required information, login and viola, the other teens are within his reach.
The teen community, in living up to its principle as a second home, has set regulations to police the teens and impose parental guidance. The internet is a dangerous medium if teenagers are given unlimited access to sites which are deplorable and not suited to them. This is where the teen community can assure the parents that it guides the teenagers in sharing their experiences and making their own choices in the most healthy and wholesome manner.
A Teen Community sets out rules which must be followed by the members, and a violation of these rules causes the members to be banned or suspended. A member of the teen community has to respect the rights and culture of fellow members. Teenagers have customs that are different from each other and respect is a must. Some teen communities allow photos to be shared, while others prohibit this. In most cases, the actual personal information such as home address and phone numbers cannot be given. The essence is to avoid the interaction to become too personalized. Giving information of other members is not also allowed in respect to the privacy of others.
A teen wants to communicate and writing is one of the best media. A teen community ensures that all contents, communication, and behavior are within "PG" guidelines. Vulgar language, nudity, depictions of sex and strong violence are prohibited Harassment in whatever form is not allowed. By harassment we mean communicating or behaving in an offensive, intimidating or threatening way towards the other members of the community. This is noteworthy because it helps the teenagers develop a wholesome personality while in the teen community.
Although debates and discussions are encouraged in a teen community, these must be done within the rules. Teens are informed that debates must be on issues, and never on personalities.
The allowable age in a Teen Community is ages 13 to 17 only, although some are for 18 years old and over. Most teen communities allow the visits of some adults purposely to help the teenagers such as leading educational projects and counseling.
Much to the good things that Teen Communities offer to the children, there is still no place like home. Parents must always provide the environment of sharing, respect, trust and love that a teen wants. After all, no agency, not even the teen community, has more responsibilities than the parents.