Experience Seamless Wireless Connectivity

by : Darlene Kaitlene

A leap of generation...a leap in cutting edge communication technology!
A 3rd Generation (3G) communication device is a rage among people across the globe. 3G communication devices enable simultaneous transfer of voice data (a telephone call) as well as non-voice data (such as instant messaging, information download and e-mail exchange). This means that you can use a 3G phone not only to chat with your near and dear ones but also to connect to Internet, check your e-mails and download important business information...while you are on move.

How to avail the 3G capabilities through your laptop or mobile while you are trotting round the globe?

Well, business persons/sales people need to stay in touch with their office headquarters and colleagues while they are on business tours. They not only need to talk to their customers, colleagues and superiors but also need to access their e-mails and surf the Internet.
3G modems are increasingly gaining popularity as a means to achieve wireless connectivity when one is travelling. A 3G modem/3G broadband data card may be inserted into a laptop's PCMCIA card slot to utilise 3G capabilities.

3G modems provide global wireless access to the Internet and e-mails. A 3G broadband data card will enable you to connect wireless to your business information through 3G broadband network. And when you move out of the particular 3G broadband network (while travelling), the data card will seamlessly switch to the next best type of connection available (3G or GPRS) without interrupting the connection. That means you can stay connected 'eternally' with your office/near and dear ones all through your business tour!!

The 3G modems are backward compatible with the UMTS, EDGE and GPRS networks.

Apart from the travelling business people and sales guys, 3G modems are in demand among the:

  • desktop users who require permanent wireless Internet connection

  • users in rural areas where broadband Internet connection is not available

So, are you ready for a generation leap??