Cable Comes Back Stronger Than Ever

by : Julia Hall

Many TV viewers in are looking for ways to get the most entertainment for the money that they spend. For years now, cable TV has taken a back seat to other technologies when it comes to that pursuit. But in recent years, the cable TV industry has added a number of different features that are driven by new types of technology and have the potential to add a lot to the TV entertainment experience of those who demand the best from their TV service providers.

Digital TV is the basis for all of the other technology that makes cable TV competitive with- and in many ways superior to- other types of TV services out there. Digital TV essentially relies on computer technology to transmit TV programing. The result of digital TV on its own is a clear picture and high quality sound, just like what you'd get from a DVD. However, digital TV also forms the basis for numerous other options like software that provides an on screen program guide, parental controls, and the Graphic User Interface that's used to program DVR's. Digital TV is also the foundation on which HDTV and Video On Demand technologies are built!

It should be mentioned that digital TV also enables various kinds of video compression technology that can be used to fit more channels onto existing cables. This in turn leads to a greater choice of programming, which makes an on screen program guide extremely handy to have access to. The on screen program guide informs viewers about what's on each and every channel in their programing package. It's also often used as the interface for a Digital Video Recorder. The same information that goes into creating the on screen program guide can also be read by parental control software and be used to determine whether or not any given program should be displayed on the screen without a special password. The whole point of this software is to keep children from inadvertently stumbling onto programs that their parents don't approve of.

The DVR is another great option that most cable TV companies in provide. DVR's are easy to program and capable of recording TV shows to be watched later. All of the video that they record is stored on a large hard drive for easy access, and many of these devices allow viewers to do things like skip commercials and pause live TV.

High Definiton Television (HDTV) is another up and coming technology by Cable TV companies in . With the same aspect ratio as a commercial movie screen and many times the resolution of normal TV, HDTV has everything that home theater enthusiasts need to get the most out of their TV experience. Cable TV companies are driven by enormous competitive pressures to offer as many channels in this great new format as possible. Add that to video on demand options, and you can see how cable TV is focused on the future!

In addition to TV entertainment, the major cable TV companies in also allow their subscribers to bundle home phone service and high speed Internet access together with the digital cable TV. The home phone calling plans that are offered typically provide numerous features and free long distance at a flat rate much lower than that of an equivalent plan from a normal phone company. The high speed Internet service is an especially good deal because it's considerably faster than many competing technologies. Subscribers get to save even more money by bundling these services together.

With numerous features and extra services, cable TV has truly come of age.