Be a Speaker with Intention

by : Sandra Schrift

Intention is a must for every speaker to consider before delivering your speech to any audience.? If you focus your mind on what you want to say then you can be clear on your purpose and what action you want from your audience.? What do you want them to achieve as a result of your speech?? Do you want attendees to act in a certain way, make some changes, or to resolve to achieve some new thing??As a speaker of Intention, you can help your audience organize their energy and actions that will bring about their desired goals, dreams.? Have the intention of helping them address an action that they want to accomplish and how they plan to do that.? Encourage them to think about how they will do this and why? they want to do this.? What attitude will help them accomplish their intentions?=== Sandra Schrift ?From now until November 21, you may schedule a 45 minute coaching call for $45. ($150 value) Any topic (s) of your choice around marketing your speaking , coaching or general business. Schedule your call with me now! Sessions are until November 21, 2007. Contact me at If you need more input on how I may help youFree Reprint Articles, go to: