Most Flexible Layer 2 Wireless Mesh Technology

by : Evaldas Darcianovas

Kaunas, Lithuania - June 20, 2006 - WILIBOX embedded Wi-Fi software specialist announces WILI MESH - OSI layer 2 wireless mesh software platform which enables hardware vendors to provide high performance single-to-multiple radio wireless mesh solutions for municipality, WISP, campus and enterprise networks.

"Availability of independent wireless mesh software platform is a response to growing demand for economical mesh network solutions. WILI MESH creates new opportunities for hardware vendors to provide equipment for next generation wireless access networks without investing in in-house software development and responding to critical time to market and budget requirements." Jonas Sabaliauskas, CEO of WILIBOX says.

WILI MESH software is capable to function with single or multiple radio modules and create a variety of wireless mesh network elements ranging from one radio economical solution to a high speed low latency three radio mesh element where dedicated radio interfaces are used for mesh uplink and downlink with one physical radio reserved for service provisioning (acting as a regular 802.11 access point).

WILI MESH software supports 802.11i (WPA2/AES) protocol for hop-by-hop security. 802.11e (WMM) support for in-mesh Access Point and for intra-mesh communication enables carrier grade VoIP telephony over mesh network. For service provisioning standard 802.11 protocols are used. Access Point implementation supports up to 16 MBSSID (Virtual APs) with per MBSSID security settings. WILI MESH is well positioned for future migration to 802.11s mesh protocol.

Integral part of WILI MESH software suite is MESH MONITOR which provides graphical representation of network topology and status. MESH MONITOR is integrated into RCMS (Remote Configuration Management System) but also can be used as standalone application. WILIBOX mesh software runs on a variety of embedded hardware platforms: x86, IXP42x, ARM9, MIPS, Atheros SoC AR2313, AR5213 and others. Supported radio hardware includes products based on industry leading Atheros AR5004Find Article, AR5006 chipsets.

WILI MESH is available for licensing. WILIBOX team can support customers with software customization and optimization for particular hardware platforms and usage scenarios.