Types of Telecom Products

by : John Hampton

Welcome to the Internet Revolution, the Age of Technology, and the Era of Telecommunications. Telecommunications (tele-translated from the Greek to mean "distant" and Latin communicare- to participate) is defined as the transmission of information over a line of communication, like that of a telephone, which is carried over a long distance. It may or may not use a modem. The information may be communicated through voice, text, images, or even video via any product that will work, like a fax machine. Any product that enables telecommunication is classified as a Telecom Product.

Since Alexander Graham Bell invented his "electrical speech machine" (now known as the telephone) back in 1876, the telecommunications industry has evolved to include a wide array of products for both business and personal use. Below you will find several different types of telecom products and brief explanations of their different usage.

We'll begin our mission with the originator- the telephone. Since it's invention, the device has gotten smaller, portable, and even wireless. Accessories such as answering machines can attach to your phone or phone line for friends, family and/or clients and customers to leave you an important message when you're unavailable to take a call. All-in-one answering machine/telephone contraptions have gained substantial popularity in recent years as the price dropped with the advancement of technology. Multi-line telephones for busy offices are also becoming more affordable for those who didn't have the extra funding for such a telecommunications device.

Facsimile machines, also known as "fax" machines for short, take text or images from a piece of paper and transfer the data to another fax machine anywhere in the world via telephone lines. Much like the recent popularity of answering machine/telephone combinations and other telecommunication devices, technology has advanced to bring the price and size down and the convenience of all-in-one equipment for the average consumer. Phone/fax/copy/printer combinations are in a growing number of households across the country and around the globe.

If you have your own business that requires a combination of telecom products, it might be in your best interest to invest in a Voice/Data Line Sharing Device. This port-switching mechanism will allow you to run telephones, fax machines, modems, answering machines, climate control, security monitoring, credit card terminals and poll cash registers without needing a separate line for each.

Finally two-way radios, commonly referred to as "Walkie-Talkies", are yet another device that falls into the category of telecom products. And yes, just like all of the other products we've covered, the price and size have dropped while the technology expanded. In fact, there are two-way radios that can communicate with each other from as far away as 6 miles depending on the area and terrain. Multiple units that run on the same frequency work quite well for large fleets after they are cloned for synchronization. LCD screens make for some easy programming by all.