Gold Medal of Intertelecom 2008 for Ultimax-716

by : Dipol

ULTIMAX-716 has won prestigious award - Gold Medal of Intertelecom 2008 for the best product.

ULTIMAX - digital video recorders for demanding customers - full range of choices. DIPOL has launched on the European market a whole family of 3rd generation network DVRs of ULTIMAX series.

The 700 series contains 16-ch and 8-ch DVRs, the 500 and 300 series also include 4-ch models. The flagship DVR of 700 series - M77160 - is capable of recording 4CIF (D1) images at 25 fps, simultaneously from all 16 channels.

The main common features of ULTIMAX family distinguishing it in the market:

* 24 months warranty,
* the newest and most efficient H.264 video compression,
* recording and live viewing in 4CIF/2CIF/CIF/QCIF resolutions - see the table below,
* many modes of triggering video recording (manual, schedule, motion detection, external alarms - in four daily cycles),
* selectable bitrate (recording) from 32 Kbps to 8 Mbps,
* multi-layer management with adequate access rights,
* synchronous recording of video and audio,
* support of largest hard discs (SATA) - up to 2 TB each. In some models there can be installed up to 8 such disks (total capacity of 16 TB)!.,
* possibility of real-time recording on:
o hard discs installed in the DVR,
o external hard discs connected via USB,
o Network Attached Storage (NAS),
o computers with ULTIMAX client software installed,
* playback of archives (from all above locations) with client software,
* possibility of handing over the original disc to authorized services (police, court etc.),
* easy backup of chosen sequences and recordings from the last day,
* possibility of independent determination of all recording parameters for each channel (camera),
* multi-tier information system for the operator about tasks being performed,
* control of practically every PTZ device on the market,
* bidirectional voice connection between the DVR operator and cameras' locations and operators of ULTIMAX client stations.

DVR for demanding customers - intelligent motion detection saves disk space. Most of DVRs available on the market trigger recording of all channels irrespective of in which channel the motion has been detected. It wastes a lot of disc space for saving unimportant information. ULTIMAX family has much more sophisticated implementation of motion detection. For every camera there can be defined pre-alarm (0 to 30 s) and post-alarm (5 s to 10 min.) periods when the channel is also recorded.