Become A Professional Bartender

by : Alex Olson

At a cozy neighborhood bar or lounge, the bartender is often referred to as the 'therapist' of nightlife. He or she prepares different drinks and serves them, and has a good relationship with customers and the public. Because of the situation, the bartender is usually the one who hears all of the problems or happy stories, and he or she has developed a certain wisdom with which to give advice.

At a more upscale establishment, the bartender will most likely work 'behind the scenes,' making drinks for customers while cocktail waitresses do the actual serving. Regardless of where a bartender works, a certain glamour and attention comes with the job. Some say this has a lot to do with movies and television.

Some bartenders learn how to do some amazing tricks with bottles, cocktail shakers, glasses and other things. This might definitely increase their chances of a tip, which is the major part of a bartender's income. Being a bartender is a fun job. While it can be very busy on certain nights or times, socializing and being close to the public is a favorite for most bartenders.

Individuals who become bartenders possess certain qualities that ordinary people don't. Since at times bartending can be quite hectic, a bartender must be able to continue working even if he or she is under pressure. A great bartending school such as ABC Bartending can really show a person how to accomplish that. They must also be able to think quickly, as individuals order drinks left and right.

Keeping up with who they're serving, who has paid for what, and knowing when to refill someone's glass is necessity. ABC bartending school takes people who have a special knack for talents like these, and shows them how to develop that into a great career. They are taught many different things, such as drink types and how to make them, information about different types of alcohol, and many other things.

To be a bartender, an individual needs a certain style and class. Dealing with massive amounts of customers without losing your cool is one part of being a great bartender. Despite chaos and confusion, a bartender must know the drinks that his or her customers are asking for, and be able to make them quickly. He or she also needs to know how to serve them with flair and elegance despite confusion.

These are just some of the things you can learn at a school like ABC Bartending. Advancing through the different courses conditions and individual to be able to handle any situation, and put his customers first. This ensures that the customers are happy, the boss is happy, and therefore, the bartender is satisfied. It doesn't hurt that a bartender with excellent skills and a great demeanor will quickly become a favorite and earn more tips.

ABC Bartending really is a great school if you plan on becoming a bartender. If you have a great presence, if you're quick on your feet, are able to think fast and get things done in record time, and also have an excellent personality, well you're a bartender in the making. ABC Bartending further develops these types of talents and creates some great bartenders.