What Really Matters? Quality Business Cards

by : Keith Londrie

Voila! You have just received your business cards. They look nice, in fact they look gorgeous and you are really satisfied with the work that designer studio has done.

Is your card really that good though? There are several things that matter most than the overall look of the card. They can be omitted because you forget to mention them or because your card was done unprofessionally.

The first thing to check is the size of your card. Nowadays there are several standards and you should comply with them. Of course you can always go for something untraditional however this is not always the smartest move.

The next thing to pay attention to is the quality of the paper. Indeed cards printed on cheaper paper are less expensive but they go to the trash bin more often too. Let alone that cheap paper cards damage quicker and they usually look like rubbish by the moment you need to give them away. Invest into quality paper as business cards are supposed to bring you new business.

The ink quality should also pass a test. It should not run if you drop liquid over it. This doesn't mean to try pouring a whole cut of water and let your card stay there overnight. Drop a few drops instead and see what will happen.

The colors and the design of the card are also important. Too many colors, unless they are in a picture, will distract the attention of the viewer. The same rule applies to the images printed on your card. Too many images are distracting.

The fonts used and the font sizes are also a tricky part. Check what the situation with your card is. How many fonts have been used? Do you have difficulties reading the text? Or it is quite too big? Are there any ornaments such as underline, bold or italics used? Is there enough white space on the card? Answer these questions and you will quickly see if there is a problem.

Finally check again your information your name and position, your company name, address, phone or fax numbers, web site address and emails. Are there any spelling mistakes or typos? Of course there should not be any. A single digit mistaken in a phone number can ruin everything especially if you do not spot it. If you do the only thing that you will have to do is to re print the cards.

This is more or less everything needed for a good business card. Have this checklist with you when you start designing your cards. If your cards are already done, check them accordingly and see if you will not need to reprint them.