Executive Recruiters: An Overview of What To Look For

by : Aseriah Jordan

Finding a new job or career for an executive position can be quite difficult.Even more, when you are left alone to find companies that are hiring. Sure,there are places like Monster or CareerBuilder that have lists of positionsavailable, but the problem with this is that tons of people are gunning forthose positions. Your best bet is working with a professional recruiter orexecutive search agent.

These people do all the job searching for you, which makes it easier. Companieshire these recruiters or headhunters to find qualified people for their business.These jobs aren’t open to the general public; the percentage of getting a phonecall from an eager employer is high.

Recruiters are in the business to find the best potential employees to “sell"to their clients. They are trying to make good with their clients by givingthem someone that has the skills and capabilities they are looking for. Keepthis in mind; an executive recruiter is in no way obligated to contact youabout a position.

Their job is to find the best fit from the applicants in their database withtheir clients. Finding a recruiter that specialized in the field you seek to findemployment in is very important. Not only will you be putting yourself in atargeted job hunting position, but you will get a job that suites your needs aswell.

Be sure to always investigate the recruiter you are looking to use. By notwasting your time on ones that lack good services or clients, you will saveyourself the trouble of filling out an application. Using sources and reviews,like this one, you will be able to narrow down the best executive recruiters.Another option is to check out their website, many should carry one, if not, bycalling them, this will help find out more information on their company’shistory, experience, and clients.

Another good source to find good recruiters is by asking people in yournetwork. Some might have gone through a recruiter that got them their job andwould give you a great example in that they get people hired. Also, you maywant to call the employers you want to work for and ask their HR department whatheadhunter service they use. There is nothing like getting some insideinformation on how to quickly get hired by that company.

Once you do apply with a recruiter, all the work is done by them. Theycontact their clients and if a match is found, they will contact you and offerthe position to you. You have the choice of accepting the position or holdingoff for a better one.

In Summary

Recruiters do all the leg work from finding you a job andmaking themselves look good to their clients. Keep in mind that when using arecruiter you aren’t being charged for anything, these services should be free.If you are being charged by anyone, than they are just going to sell yourinformation. Not a recommendation I give you.

You can find a great recruiter firm, which I have used personally,by . They are exclusive to job positions that earn more than65k per year.

Best of Luck in your job search.