Having Fun as an English Teacher in Japan

by : Bei Maniago

Teaching English in Japan is fast becoming a huge industry. It is a prerequisite in major Japanese high schools and universities to have the English taught as their second language. As the Japanese community grows more open to the demands of the global world, the skill of speaking in American-English is becoming vitally important to the Japanese people.

If you want to be an English teacher in Japan, you have a good chance of becoming one if you have a passion for language and teaching as well as love and respect for Japan and everything about this wonderful country. It's not always an easy career and it requires a major commitment on your part.

Getting work as an English teacher in Japan may not be as easy as A-B-C though. Many English teacher jobs in other countries require TEFL, which is Teaching English as a Foreign Language, or some other certification for all teachers teaching the English language. TEFL certification will provide you an edge over the other applicants who are not yet certified. With the increasing demand for more ESL teachers, having a TEFL or any other certification is one of the best ways of putting yourself in the lead when it is about looking for a job.

If you're prepared to work, the next step is finding an English teaching job in Japan. Even though you can just go straight to Japan and begin searching for a job, it would be best to line up a job before you leave. The Internet with its huge databases consisting of teaching jobs will be likely be your constant source of information.

You to remember that you have to get a Japanese work visa if you want to work in Japan as an English teacher. This is one of the extremely time-consuming processes and you have to file your visa from your home country. For pointers on visa processing per country, you can check out the CIBT website.

If you've found yourself a job and made all the arrangements, the only thing left to do is to get started. Keep in mind that teaching English in Japan will require commitment on your part. You will be in a completely different cultural environment and you'll need to be present for an entire school term especially if you're teaching in a high school or university.

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