Are you a Good Sales Engineer?

by : Roger Dursley

Graduates and experienced IT professionals who want to mix their sales and technical backgrounds should learn more about sales engineer positions. Sales engineers, often called technical sales support workers, sell computer hardware, software, and services to end users of all sizes. Professionals who work as sales engineers first show potential clients how their company's products and services are better or different from competing companies. While sales techniques are important toward selling products like computers and networking equipment, technical demonstrations are key to closing the deal. Sales engineers set up models or sample copies of their product, demonstrate the product's usage to clients, and answer questions about technical issues.

Sales engineer positions are plentiful in the United Kingdom and Europe. While there are many positions for IT professionals to apply for, there is also increased competition and higher hiring standards for sales engineers. More and more UK and European graduates are coupling their interest in sales and technology, leaving universities for sales engineer positions throughout the continent. As well, companies are beginning to realize that it takes a special talent to function well as a sales engineer. Companies and professionals alike who want to find the right sales engineer connection should consult with ITS European.

ITS European provides a variety of important services to their corporate clients and applicants. The agency has expanded over its fourteen years in business from a regional recruiter in southeast England to an international recruiter for the entire European continent. Sales engineer applicants are put through an extensive assessment process by ITS European's talented recruiters. Technical testing conducted by the agency's recruiting staff determines the level of technical aptitude an applicant brings to the workplace. As well, the decades of IT recruiting experience on the ITS European staff allow the staff to make great use of information gathered in interviews and applications.

Sales engineer applicants not only benefit from ITS European's basic recruiting mechanisms but from their additional services. The directed recruiting campaigns facilitated by ITS European allow sales engineer applicants to find the best jobs possible in the United Kingdom and Europe. ITS European facilitates job fairs, meetings, and special advertising campaigns to bring in applications by exceptional professionals. Young sales engineers looking for contract work to add to their CV should look to ITS European for some valuable experience. Experienced sales engineers looking to advance in their field should also consider ITS European as a job resource.