Freelance Online As A Travel Agent And Rake In The Big Bucks

by : Sen Ze

In any profession that relies on sales to define its success, it becomes extremely important for your business to have a large market reach. There are many ways for you to garner a good awareness for your product or service in the marketplace.

Some companies rely on advertising through mediums such as newspaper, radio or television. But this, unfortunately, can be an extremely expensive option, especially for smaller companies and individuals.

Small travel agents or agencies, for example, simply won't have the cash and means to advertise frequently on TV or print and compete with the big boys in that way. However, one way in which you, as a travel agent, can compete and earn more income is on the Internet.

By getting your own personalized domain and setting up a blog on it, you can not only find a means to drive traffic to your travel agency website, but also find a whole host of other ways to earn income online! Here are just a few ideas.

1. Drive traffic to booking websites to earn commission
Travel agencies all run on a commission basis. Thus, the more business that you bring in to the agency, the greater commission you will earn. And since most agencies have a website, you can earn commission by directing visitors from your blog to these websites using your Affiliate link. The Affiliate link, which you can get by forging a deal with the travel website, will ensure that you get the commission for each customer that you refer.

You blog serves as a great way to warm you visitors up before directing them to a website to purchase their accommodation or travel package. For example, one of your blog posts can talk about the wonderful holiday destination of Bora-Bora Island. After the blog post, you can provide your Affiliate link to your visitors, telling them to click on it to get the best travel rates.

2. Provide regular information for money
Another way for you to earn money is to create a newsletter that your visitors can subscribe to. After all, people who are interested in travel would certainly be interested getting frequent information on the best places to visit, which airlines are having good promotions, which companies are offering the best packages and so on.

As a travel agent, you would have access to all this information and more, which can prove very valuable to your customers. In exchange for a monthly subscription fee, you can provide your customers with weekly or bi-weekly updates in the travel and hospitality industry. This simple set up can generate you a fair amount of recurring income for quite some time to come!

3. Provide Information As Ebooks
Aside from sending information as e-mails, you can even compile this information in the form of short electronic books (i.e. in PDF file format) and sell them on your website. After all, your visitors are certainly interested in travel (or else they wouldn't be at your blog!), so they might prove the best clientele to sell to!

The above 3 methods of earning with your blog is merely the tip of the iceberg. Once you have your own domain and blog, you'll discover a whole new world of money making opportunities will be opened to you. You only need to take the first step!