Does Forensic Nurse Only Deals With Dead Bodies?

by : Ethan Edison

Many people have strange perceptions regarding a forensic nurse. They generally associate a forensic nurse with dead bodies, pathology and stuff. There are forensic practices which let you deal with living patients too. Forensic nursing is growing much in popularity and many of the graduating nurses have started to divert their minds to this field. But in spite of so much of information available people still have confusion over what actually is a forensic nurse.

The term 'forensic' is defined as concerning the law, legal. While many forensic nurses are trained for death investigations, many of them are taught to deal patients who are the survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse and many other violent forms of trauma. Forensic nurses vary in experience. Like some of them have experience in emergency departments, care or women health nursing. Forensic nurses having psychiatric training have to work with the mentally affected individuals in the special institutions for the psychiatric patients.

These nurses are exposed to advanced training in traumatic identification of wounds, which includes skills to recognize prototype injuries and injuries in the healing process. These nurses also develop skills in the documentation procedures which are generally photographic. Plus, they also have to excel in the techniques of effectively testifying the evidences in the various criminal and courtly consequences.

Job opportunities are innumerous in the field of forensic sciences and they are still expanding day by day. The forensic nursing jobs require their nurses to play key-roles in serving child and adult protective and investigation teams, to develop and run hospital based anti-violence programs, to work in police crime labs, to work in investigating deaths and providing complete sexual assault examinations in hospitals and even examination centers. These nurses certainly have a bright future waiting for them in the form of specialists as consultants, clinicians, examiners and educators.

A forensic nurse specializes in many different and various fields.

A forensic clinical specialist assists the victims by providing them with both medical as well as emotional treatments.

A forensic investigator nurse has to be present at the crime scene to collect the major evidences like collecting blood samples, tissue samples and other related and suspicious evidences. A forensic investigator nurse is also expected to team up with the detectives on duty and the policemen on guard.

A death investigator nurse has to come up with the approximate time of death and has to investigate the best possible reasons for the death. If the nurse has experienced the massive background in medical training and terminology, then it will be possible to determine the medical reasons, if any, which may have triggered the death.

A sexual assault examiner is an expert in the field of dealing with the victims of sexual assault. These nurses are responsible for providing clinical as well as emotional treatment to their patients. A sexual assault examination specialist has to be present at the court proceedings with the possible gathered evidences to prove her point, if the need arises.