Turning Fear Into Love

by : Leslee J. Klinsky

I have been channeling messages from the Akashic Records throughout my life, assisting others on their precious journeys and using the guidance of the Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones myself. Now I am being encouraged to bring forth information taken from question and answer sessions that may benefit those not familiar with channeled work or the Akashic Records. Information in this article comes from a channeled session that deals with a method to work with fearful feelings, and the very nature of following its process is transformative.

CLIENT: Why am I so scared right now, Keepers?

KEEPERS: You feel out of control. What is going on around you is not within your power to change, so you cower before the unknown waiting for the fall.

CLIENT: Why do I tend to go back to fearful feelings like this?

KEEPERS: Because they are what you know so well. Multitudes at this time experience the same as you, as fears run rampant. Many people are very used to letting feelings overwhelm them to the point of inaction, but there is another way.

CLIENT: Please tell me about this other way.

KEEPERS: Know this to be true: Feelings are emotional markers trying to alert you to that which is around you and of you. Every feeling you experience is valid for you in some way, and fear is no exception. Accepting this fact alone releases fearful holds. Fears last a finite amount of time when allowed to flow; and they last a lifetime or more when obstructed or obsessed over. Choose to learn from your fears instead of letting them encompass you.

Let us prove our point... Do you have a fearful feeling that you want to work with right now?

CLIENT: I would like to work through uncomfortable fear-based thoughts about my relationship with [Fictitious Name] using this technique. The feelings I have are that he dislikes me or feels threatened by me in some way. Then I feel fearful of having these kinds of judgmental feelings and fearful that my feelings are wrong. How do I work with this issue in a constructive way?

KEEPERS: Know that these uncomfortable feelings you are experiencing are in some way valid for you and that they try to convey useful information that you can use and grow from. Embrace all feelings, those perceived as good or bad, as intimately yours, and send them unconditional love. Love conquers all fears, so what do you feel after doing this?

CLIENT: A lot of the fear is gone, but not all.

KEEPERS: Try the exercise again, this time fully accepting that any thought you have is valid in some way for you. The last time you sent love to the feelings but wondered at the validity of having your kinds of feelings. Unconditional love is the key.

CLIENT: The fear is gone.


CLIENT: Help me use this technique to work on my fears about my business failing. How do I do that?

KEEPERS: What are your feelings about this topic?

CLIENT: I am afraid that I don't have what it takes to succeed and afraid that I am not meant to do the work I am doing. What do I do with these scary feelings?

KEEPERS: Accept them unconditionally as valid markers for you and send them unconditional love.

CLIENT: I am feeling more centered, but I do not know what to do now to manifest the success I desire.

KEEPERS: It is much easier to formulate a plan in a state of calmness rather than chaos.