Attractive model design and multiple features: Palm one Treo 680

by : Sanjeevkumar

The Palm one 680 has GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz network. We tested the 680 with Cingular and got consistently good callquality and decent data performance. The smart cell phone 680 only works withGSM networks so you can only use it with Cingular and T-Mobile. Palm knows notto tamper with success, which is usually a good thing, since the Treo is anexcellent smartphone and upgraded models never ruin what worked in theoriginal.

The Bluetooth cell phone PalmOne 680 phone empowers users with a mobile connection to theiremail, calendar and contacts, as well as web browsing, messaging, multimedia,and more. We believe the Palm one 680 smartphone,combined with the Orange Business Mail offering, will serve our customers'needs and help expand our customer base. The same goes for design. Pick it upand you’ll notice a large color touch screen and an easy-type keyboard. Sincethe unlocked Treo 680 is just the right size, you have the freedom to take itanywhere and still be connected to friends, work, and family.

The smart cell phone Palm OneTreo 680 seemed like a streamlined consumer-friendlyversion when it was announced, but now that we've gotten a chance to see it upclose; we find that it's nearly the same size. The smart cell phone Palm one 680Phone has measures 4.4 x 2.3 x 0.8-inches. It weighs for 157 grams. The fashionablehandset Palm one Treo 680 smartphone is ideal forthe professional consumer who wants a more advanced phone experience on a singledevice, including access to email, web browsing, messaging and a range offeatures that are easy to use.

The unlocked handset Palm one Treo 680feature rich device includes multiple e-mail options, Bluetooth?, and PocketTunes capabilities. Going mobile is a breeze with one touch dialing, a high resolution2.2" color touch screen, and enhanced Palm OS interface. Create and editMS Office? docs on the go and listen to streaming audio. Synchronize with yourPC or take photos on the 2x zoom camera with video capture. With both a fullQWERTY keyboard and color touch screen, everything you need is at your fingertips.

On the back is Treo's VGA camera. VGAmeans it has a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, or about 1.3 mega pixels. Whenevery low-tech cell phone that comes out today has at least a 1.3 megapixelcamera, it's embarrassing that the Palm one Treo 680has such a paltry one. The battery for the 680 is only rated for 4 hoursof talk timeScience Articles, and Standby 300 hours. Please purchase online