Actively and Confidently Seek Promotion

by : Christine Belknap

After your time and your money, an area in which we can really get ahead of other people is in the workplace. And by getting ahead in this area you will be rewarded with:

*More responsibility
*Greater job satisfaction
*More money

So, how do you get ahead at work? Well, the surest way to success is to render more and better service than is expected of you. If you just do enough to get by in your job, don't expect your boss to be impressed enough to put you forward for a promotion. Here is an important exercise that you can do to put things into perspective:

I'd like you to imagine that you are the boss. Now, write down the qualities, attitude and output that you would want to see in your workers in order for you to put them forward for a promotion. The list that you have just produced is detailing some of the activities that YOU must perform if you are going to get ahead in the workplace. Ideally, you should work at all of them.

Please remember this - your requirements would be exactly the same as your bosses , so there will be no great difference. The secret to success in the workplace can be summed up in one sentence: YOU MUST SELL YOURSELF & DO SO AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY!

You were successful in selling yourself to the company during your interview, and you must also sell yourself to gain a promotion and to progress. While at work you must seize every opportunity to demonstrate your ability to hold a higher position. You must also be able to take on extra responsibilities and show how competently you can deal with it.
Don't shirk responsibility - GO OUT AND SEEK IT!

See every challenge and responsibility as an opportunity to sell yourself to your boss and to the company. Show everyone what you can do and impress.

Remember, to grant you a promotion the company will want to have witnessed you in action and evaluate your past performance as well as what you would bring to the role. An important facet to getting ahead is that you must demonstrate your ability to the right people. It is no good demonstrating your ability to perform presentations if the audience are your workers or friends - they will not be able to promote you. Instead impress your boss, your bosses boss and even their boss.

Use each opportunity to impress the right people every time.

One of the qualities that company's are always looking for when evaluating a possible promotion is the contribution and ideas that you have introduced or recommended to improve working practices, profits and processes. If you haven't produced any ideas or suggestions to date, start right away.

How can your job be made more efficient?

How can processes be performed faster?


More cheaper?

Start to think of these improvements, and whether or not they are successful or not, your boss and the company will be impressed with your attitude and commitment. Start by investigating all of the relevant information and data, analyze your findings and then come out with your recommendations.

Remember, it is no good just coming out with an idea if you haven't got any evidence to back it up with. The company will want to know the costs and the benefits and why the change. Next, produce a professional looking document and offer to present your ideas to the management. Rest assured, you will definitely impress and leave a lasting impression if you can get to the stage whereby you can perform a successful presentation within a managers meeting.

Plan out your presentation and rehearse it over and over again. Don't forget to make it interesting and add a touch of humor! If done correctly, you will have attracted the attention of the people that make promotional decisions, and that is what counts at the end of the day.

The time is now to go out and find solutions for your company! You will be setting yourself up for future success.