Fired? 5 Procedures You Have A Right To Expect!


Getting fired . . . it will happen to everyone! There are very few employees around who have who have not been fired or let go from a job . . . or who haven't wondered about it.

Look, it's no fun. All the same, it's important to understand what can and should happen if and when you get fired. After all, it's not the end of the world no matter how painful. There is a life after being let go.

Here are five procedures you have the right to expect if you get fired:

1. You should be let go in private, not in front of your co-workers. This should take place in a room away from someone overhearing. It's bad enough being let go or fired without the rumor mill grinding away over your misfortune.

2. The HR rep or your boss should make it quick. It's to your advantage for them to be clear that a firm decision has been made about you and there is no uncertainty or room for negotiation.

3. If it's a layoff and not a firing based on performance, management should let you know this is a business decision. If it's a firing based on performance, they should provide documentation.

4. Management should keep it cool, no matter how upsetting it is to you. They shouldn't react to your distress except with compassion. This is not a time for confrontation on either side.

5. Management should outline what support you can expect. For example, if they are offering a severance package, it should show how it can contribute to helping you find a job elsewhere. In any case, you want to be provided with written references (unless your employment has been a disaster.)

Suddenly being out of job can be devastating. Especially if you have others depending on your income. So it becomes very important to start picking up the pieces as soon as possible. This has the effect of getting you past the hurt as soon as possible. Plus it gives you a plan to start working on.

Finding a new job must quickly become your full-time new occupation. This is not the time to take a vacation with the family or anything else that will defer your main effort. Having a carefully thought job search plan of action is very healthy because it doesn't give you time to grouse about your bad luck.

With some alternative programs you can be entertaining job offers in as little as 14 days. You can be face-to-face with your next boss in a matter of days. Having a track like this to run on goes a long way to removing the sting of your recent loss.