Dubai Highly Expensive For Expatriates

by : Steven Mcmanus

The findings of the international cost of living comparison of 228 international locations, conducted by the international relocation calculator, shows that Dubai is the most expensive place in the world for Restaurants, Meals Out and Hotels, and?is the 32nd most expensive city in the world overall?for expatriates to live in.

The international cost of living comparison uses the prices of goods and services that expatriates spend their salaries on in each location, and calculates cost of living indexes (COLI) for 13 different basket groups using New York as the base (i.e. New York is equal to 100).

The most expensive city in the world for expatriates is London.?On average, goods and services that cost an expatriate US$126.6 in London would cost US98.84 in Dubai.

Dubai Cost of Living Basket

For each aspect of cost of living Dubai is ranked by X patulator as follows (Out of 228 international locations, ranked from highest cost of living to lowest cost of living):

????????? Alcohol & Tobacco (Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco Products): 104th

????????? Clothing (Clothing and Footwear Products): 4th

????????? Communication (Telephone, Internet, and Mobile Communication): 221st

????????? Education (Creche, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Fees): 127th

????????? Furniture and Appliances (Furniture, Household Equipment and Household Appliances): 159th

????????? Groceries (Food, Non-Alcoholic Beverages and Cleaning Material): 91st

????????? Healthcare (General Healthcare, Medical and Medical Insurance): 28th

????????? Household (Rent, Mortgage, Water, Electricity, Household Gas, Household Fuels, Local Rates and Residential Taxes): 5th

????????? Miscellaneous (Stationary, Linen, General Goods and Services): 32nd

????????? Personal Care (Personal Care Products and Services): 97th

????????? Recreation & Culture (Books, Cinema, DVD, Sports Goods etc): 50th

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