The Responsibilities of a Construction Civil Engineer

by : Kris Koonar

A job as a construction civil engineer promises to be rewarding, especially when it comes to money. Although this profession has its benefits, it also comes with a lot of responsibilities on the part of the civil engineer. One of the best parts of being a construction civil engineer is that as a citizen, you can see his work all around you; the roads, the hospitals, the tallest of all buildings, bridges, dams, etc. The work of a civil engineer is one that demands a lot of responsibility, especially when it comes to ensuring the safety of the citizens residing or working in any of the structures.

In order to understand the responsibilities of a construction civil engineer, it is important to know about his role in his particular area. An engineer is expected to use his knowledge as well as his background to assure clients that the structures have been constructed in the most secure and a robust way, with safety being the highest priority. The construction civil engineers are not only involved in the designing aspect of the structures, but they are also responsible for the cost estimation of the construction material, planning the construction activities well in advance, preparing the schedule for the work to be done and last but not the least, avoiding overhead costs.

A construction civil engineer has to possess thorough knowledge of science, math, physics, and analyze the problems, while interpreting the data available. Therefore, if you talk about the responsibilities of a civil engineer, it becomes more than evident that he is responsible for the roads, bridges, etc. that we use all the time. The responsibility of an engineer plays a very important role in helping him to determine his ability and make the best use of his knowledge and his skills. One of his many duties would involve visiting and analyzing the construction site first hand and also the various requirements that the construction job demands.

By analyzing the important parameters of the construction job, the engineer is also expected to prepare a construction plan, which would help him in this respect. Another important aspect that the engineer has to adhere to includes careful examination of the equipment and material used for the construction purposes, to ensure the quality of the products and the material used for building the structures. This is done keeping the safety aspect in mind. In addition, the construction civil engineer also has to follow the rules and other guidelines, which have been prescribed by the CDM(Construction Design and Management). However, one should remember that the engineer's work is not yet over. He is constantly vigilant with respect to the construction work, in case any problems arise in the future so that he can make the necessary changes immediately.

It goes without saying that a construction civil engineer plays a very important role, even though he works behind the scene, in constructing important structures like schools, hospitals, government buildings, etc. Therefore, if any problem arises with respect to his work, he is responsible for coming up with the best solutions and solving the issue with immediate effect. Many of these tasks are either resolved in the engineer's office or at the construction site. Whatever the task may be, communication goes a long way in helping out the engineer in the fulfillment of his responsibilities.