Make Your Move - Right Into Management

by : Heather Eagar

Are you ready to move up the corporate ladder and shoulder management responsibilities? There are a number of indicators that can tell you if you are ready for the big leap. If you are in a staff or line job and feel that you should consider a career shift and look for bigger challenges, then maybe you should seriously consider moving into a management position.

You may not get promoted quickly to your desired position - promotions are highly competitive and you need to prove yourself (often over and over) to reach the top. This is possible only through hard work, motivation, confidence and your initiative for learning new skills and accepting challenges. You need to honestly evaluate your current work performance in order to determine whether you have given it your best shot.

If you are working for a big company, you need to consider how often management-level positions open up to know whether you stand a chance.

Make A Significant Contribution To The Company

In order to get promoted to a management position, you have to ensure that you significantly contribute towards the company's progress. Propose new ideas or strategies to your boss to enhance the efficiency of the department. This initiative will not go unnoticed - organizations need people that actively advance corporate goals and help the company achieve its mission.

You can't just let your career stagnate - if you are serious about moving into management, identify and develop the skills required to reach a management position. Let your boss know that you are focused on moving to a management position in the company. Then make good on your word - don't miss out on the opportunity to representing your department at a meeting in your boss's absence. Apply for internal management job openings as and when they come up. You need to promote yourself to let people know about your achievements and any new management skills you may have recently acquired.

Develop Business, Interpersonal And Technical Skills

Moving into a management position is not easy - and you can't be technically or business illiterate. You need to be techno savvy and must develop good business skills. In addition, if the job you are targeting requires you to manage staff you must sharpen your interpersonal skills. As a good manager, you will be responsible for handling new projects, leading and motivating the workforce, meeting deadlines, and managing projects within the specified deadlines. To be an efficient manager, you need to build diverse experience that will be instrumental in dealing with difficult situations.

Moving into management isn't easy - and dealing with staff on a continual basis will definitely be difficult at times. But by preparing early, being proactive and developing the required skills, you will be ready when lady luck opens the door for you.