How To Start A Free Home Business?

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Make $ 1000 per day! Make millions of dollars when you are sleeping!

One is used to seeing such advertisements on almost any webpage these days. Google's AdSense and AdWords are the buzzwords of marketing products, services, websites and what not. One is tempted with the overwhelming expectations of profits and windfalls without doing any work. That is why we have a plethora of advertisements about Work-At-Home, Work-From-Home, Earn-Without-Work and so on. Earlier the enticing words were - "you don't need to know HTML or any technical stuff." Now-a-days people promise you, you can make money even if you do not have a computer!

Most of the time it starts with a let-us-see-this type click, progressing to registration and ends up with a sigh of - 'I thought it was FREE but they want to suck my money.' Slowly a feeling of deja vu sets in. It should be clear that nobody is there to dole out money to anybody for no work.

The best way would be, if you are serious about online business, to learn some things about the basic requirements to do business on the internet, understand what it is all about and try to earn gradually like in any other business. Any business needs capital and certain essentials to sustain. However, with only a computer and an internet connection one can explore to find out the free resources generously offered by several webmasters and experts to carry on their own business of attracting web traffic. Once you familiarize to the internet environment and begin to earn some money, you can think of either 'quits' or 'go ahead.' But my advice would be to never leave your regular job or career if you have one.

If you are wondering how to start a free home business?, you can follow the steps below:

1. Have a computer with an internet connection at home.
This is a must. Have one personal and one or more business purpose email ids.

2. Plan to devote at least one to two hours on your home business.This is the most difficult part. Neither overdo it nor avoid completely.

3. Open a free website or a blog on any topic of your expertise or hobby.
Do not worry about what others are saying or doing. Every person has some skill or expertise. Try to build your site or blog on things you are confident even if it is gardening.

4. Apply for Google's AdSense program.
Applying is easy and getting approval should not be a problem if you read their policies and comply. Just type in 'google adsense' in any search box and visit their site to apply.

5. Apply for Google's AdWords program.
You may need to advertise your site to let the world know about your site or blog. This is called 'PPC' or Pay Per Click advertising. Your ad as per prescribed format in text or image style is displayed as 'impressions' on others' web pages and you are charged only when somebody clicks on your ad.

6. Submit your site to search engines.
There are millions of web pages. Most of the websites are known only through search engines whenever you type in a keyword in the search box. There are several sites offering both free as well as paid submissions. My suggestion would be to submit to Google which is free and quite simple.

7. Plan minimum expenditure to begin with on AdWords.
To begin with keep your damages small till you have mastered the technique. Nobody will reveal the so-called 'secrets' free of cost. Do not get tempted and waste money. Learning costs but it need not be expensive. Believe me, nobody can guarantee anything even if they promise the moon in this wonderland of internet business.

8. Explore ways to get traffic to your site without violating any guidelines of your web host or Google.
There are traffic based websites. Tread with caution exercising restraint and do not violate any terms and conditions you have accepted or your site will get banned from search engines.

Please do not start with affiliate marketing i.e., marketing somebody's products. Try to sell an item to your neighbor - you will understand how difficult it is! So trying to sell when the buyer and seller do not know or see each other is not an easy affair.

There are a number of resources and free stuff which can be used to develop your website or blog. It’s better to read some good articles and books to help you while you develop your home business.