Why a Company Should Hire Home Workers

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Recent months have seen a major growth in work at home industry. It seems that everybody is trying to work from home. Millions of people all over the world are working from home part time or full time and their numbers are increasing rapidly because in todays world doing a single job is not enough. Therefor people are looking for several ways to earn extra money. At the same time number of companies hiring home workers are also increasing. Couple of years back there were only few opportunities to work from home but now it seems that everyday a new opportunity knock the door. Companies from small size to multi billion dollar revenue are hiring home workers now.

If we look at the way business use to done 50 years back, A firm use to hire people in the location where it use to operate. Then later on to save money and generate more revenue, companies started outsourcing their business to developing countries like India and China. But the companies who could not outsource their business to other countries or who wanted to save more money decided to outsource their work on the Internet. A major airline operating in US hiring homeworkers to provide customer service says customer satisfaction has increased to a great extent by providing service from homeworkers.

Outsourcing work over the Internet to home workers benefits both companies as well as home workers.

For companies
They don't have to pay fixed salaries, provident fund or other employees benefits as they mostly hire people to work from home on contractual basis. They don't have to spend money on office setup, infrastructure, machinery or equipment etc as homeworkers work from their own home with their own computers, printers etc. Moreover it doesn't have any limitation and boundaries as company can hire talent from all over the world.

For Home workers
They work from the comfort of their own home. They set their own schedule. They get more time with their family and friends and more over they work independently for their own. They even earn more money working from home because Companies save lot of money by not paying fixed salaries, taxes or on infrastructure so in return they pass on the portion of their savings to their home workers.

So it is a win win situation for both companies as well as home workers.