Best Ways To Maximize Your Income With Paid Surveys

by : Gerardas Norkus

These days it is very popular to make extra money online taking paid surveys. However, there are so many scams on the Internet that many beginner survey takers soon realize they have wasted their hard-earned 30 - 50 dollars for a paid survey membership with outdated links, email addresses, confusing information and no customer support.

The first thing to avoid when starting doing paid surveys is not spending any cash until you've made some. You should start with free paid survey programs. You can easily find free paid surveys by doing a search on Google or any other search engine.

Try to join as many research companies as possible. They are willing to pay for your opinion and they are looking for certain people with certain interests and demographics. So you will not be a match for some of the surveys and the more paid opinion companies you sign up with, the more surveys you will match for.

You shouldn't expect surveys worth more than $10 in the beginning. In order to receive higher paid surveys you should prove yourself with some of the research companies. Once you show to them that you are a reliable observer, you will start getting $25 surveys.

Some survey companies want you to take a "screener" survey when you first sign up with them and you'll usually be entered into a drawing for a prize. Many survey takers ignore these drawings and they don't take those surveys. But this is actually good news! Keep reading...

When you enter into a drawing the odds of winning the prize being offered go way up! Besides, that is how market research companies find out if you are serious and later invite you to take highest paying surveys!

After you have earned some money with free paid surveys it's time to join a paid survey company that offers a list of focus groups. You can earn at least $75 in about an hour when you come together with other people to talk about experiences with a product or service. Make sure to show up on time and be helpful with your evaluations once you start getting invitations to focus groups.

So, by investing only a little of your time in the beginning you can soon expect to make $1000 or even more a month by taking paid surveys online.