The Tao of Making Money Online

by : lazysubmit

“Be in harmony with yourself and let things take a natural course"

Now when Lao Tsu was writing many hundreds of years ago, I bet he wasn’t struggling with concerns about whether to make money online by filling in surveys or contemplating what the merits of were. In fact, I bet most of you guys reading this who have tried to make money online have found it anything but a harmonious occupation.

Now, I am a guy who decided to make a living online a couple of years ago and I am pleased to say that I now make a fabulous living and without leaving my home. To start with though, I just kept failing. Whatever I did resulted in failure. I actually thought it was me being stupid or something. Surely I was the only person in the world that wasn’t making big bucks with a computer and a connection to the internet! Then I made a discovery about myself that turned things around. And what was this moment of enlightenment you ask in excitement? Well it was this – if I just slowed down a bit and lowered my expectations I felt a whole lot better about things in general and online in particular.

You can call this the Tortoise and the Hare syndrome if you wish, but no sooner than I slowed down than the sales went up. How so? Well, I took some of my own advice that I gave to my son when he was struggling with his school homework, “get your course work out and read it again without skimming through the pages". Now over the years I had accumulated a virtual library of e-books all instructing me how to become a millionaire before the sun would set. Every book had a different cover but they all had pretty much the same messages. Dusting of the one that was easiest to read (the one not written by a practicing megalomaniac) I started again but this time a little slower, trying to perfect each technique as I went. When things weren’t happening, I walked away for a day and then started again. Money targets went out of the window and I settled for whatever happened with a happy heart.

What happened folks, is that I expected nothing, my family expected nothing and my friends expected nothing. And so when things started to take off, everybody was thrilled. I had achieved in six months what I had set off to do in the beginning but without the stress to go with it.