Small Business Opportunities

by : Comlev

Most of the big companies we know and respect today started small. Banana Republic, Microsoft, McDonald's Even Coca-Cola started out as a concentrated drink dispensed from drug store shelves. But look at how far they've come! So if you're someone dreaming of owning a big corporation someday, don't be afraid to be the little guy. There are small business opportunities you can start today that you can build on later. Take a look at some of these opportunities that just might be the ticket to success and wealth for you:


Design can cover different industries arts, music, media, advertising, even construction. If you have an eye for detail and a creative mind, you could start a small business as a designer. You will need to invest in some equipment and materials, however, such as a computer, design software, scanner, color printer which can handle high resolutions and paper materials.

For clients, you can target neighborhoods, communities or even companies. Michael Fallone and Doug Bartow co-own id29, a small design company but they weren't afraid to take on the big guys. Their chutzpah worked. In 2007, the firm (which has only four employees) announced that they were looking at $1 million in sales.

Personal care service

You could sell personal care products that people can use by themselves but you can also sell a service that takes that responsibility away from them. Yup, people like to be pampered, regardless of their age, gender or background. And if you throw in something extra, something that will make it more luxurious for them, they'll come running.

Take for example Kelly McElroy, owner of Massage & Merlot in Colorado, who started her small business by combining two of her interests: wine consultancy and massage therapy. By targeting a mid- to high-end market, she offered a home-based business providing both wine tastings and relaxing massages.

Food and something more

Everybody eats. This is why no matter how badly the economy is doing, there's always someone somewhere starting a food or restaurant business. You don't have to start big at all. This is a small business opportunity you can start right in the comfort of your own home if you want to cut down on the rent and other overhead expenses.

To compete, offer something with a twist something that is yummy but different, something that will stand out. Matisse and Jack's in San Francisco, for example, is a small business that offers delicious baked snacks using healthful, organic and all-natural ingredients. Or if you prefer good old comfort food, do so with a blast. Reese's Chicken Pot Pies in Detroit uses chunky cuts of chicken breast, a flaky, light outer crust and gravy so special, its recipe is kept secret.

Job network and placement

As a small business, a job network and placement agency can offer plenty in terms of revenue. Plus, you'll be doing a great service both for your clients and the people for whom you help find jobs. To succeed in this business, you need to have a strong network of contacts among companies, an understanding of the industry and lots of business savvy.

One of the more successful of companies that took this small business opportunity is MSI (Medical Solutions International). This is a nursing placement service that provides short-term jobs for nurses in medical facilities. It now operates in the U.S. and internationally and currently has over 10,000 RNs in its network. It has grown phenomenally, grossing over $3 million in 2005. In 2006, its gross revenue went over $11 million. So who says small can't get bigger?