Systems Securing Small Businesses

by : rajan mr

Small businesses are defined as mainly those that employ a smaller number of people. However, this can be deceptive as the term 'small' or 'less' are relative. Therefore, in the United States of America, for instance, a small business is one in which there are less than one hundred employees whereas in the European Union, a small business is characterised by a number of employees smaller than fifty. In certain cases other factors also define a smaller business enterprise such as profit margin, capital investment, etc. Thus, small businesses are also those which have smaller spending powers. Therefore, such business concerns have a reduced budget when it comes to buying security gadgets. There are various cheaper appliances which are ideal for putting together a security system for smaller business concerns. The following are a few examples:

Wireless Cameras

These are the latest gadgets today as far as security is concerned. Unlike a burglar or security alarm, the wireless camera records all the proceedings and is therefore of some use during the police investigations. A wireless camera is also of use during surveillance as a person sitting inside the building can see what is going on outside the building with the help of this gadget. The camera also records sound as well recording video footage. With the help of wireless cameras, you can monitor all the visitors, employees and other persons coming inside the building and therefore the likelihood of intercepting a criminal and preventing the crime increases.

Security Lighting

Adequate lighting in any place discourages intruders. Thus installing bright lights around your business office may be a cheap and effective solution to all your security problems and needs. Certain scientific studies show that lighting reduces crime or at least discourages criminals and intruders. For well lit outer spaces one can employ large, bright and powerful search lights as well as flood lights which are used in sporting events under poor natural light conditions.

Burglar Alarms

Any kind of alarm is a device which, by producing a loud noise, warns people that something is amiss. Use of alarms is universal in high security places such as prisons and other government buildings. There are sensors in an alarm which are programmed to trigger off a warning when there is some unwanted, unauthorised intrusion or breaking in.

A burglar alarm, as the name suggests, is something exactly designed to help prevent unauthorised entry into buildings or office premises. A burglar alarm is also known as a security alarm. These alarms are available in many makes and models-from the latest wireless alarms (which operate with the help of radio waves) to the more conventional wired alarms. The price range varies considerably with the number of amenities. This is ideal for a small business solution since such an enterprise cannot afford to employ many guards. The alarm will warn anyone within the premise of criminal activity and then the necessary action can be taken


CCTV is the acronym for closed circuit television. Such a surveillance system is very useful since all activity in different parts of a building or office can be kept under tab by one person sitting in front of the single monitor which can filter the feeds from various hidden cameras placed in different locations.